You won't believe how much kids are getting from the tooth fairy these days

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[Photo: Getty]

Remember as a child saving up your tooth fairy earnings in exchange for a bag of your favourite penny candies or a plush toy? A dollar if you were really lucky? It turns out kids are cutting a bigger deal with the tooth fairy in exchange for their baby teeth these days.

Kids have much bigger expectations for their dental earnings and, in a recent study, some parents are admitting to paying upwards of €30 (about £25) a tooth. Gone are the days of finding a toonie or loonie under your pillow, kids these days are making a mint to save for larger items like iPads and video games.

The Irish study, which was conducted by Jack N’ Jill Kids, interviewed 1,000 parents and concluded that there has been a 289 per cent increase compared to what the parents themselves got from the tooth fairy.

However, universally, parents agreed that is a hefty price for a tooth and the study discovered that most Irish children only get around €5 (roughly £4) per teeth. Still more than the 20p we used to get as kids.

In the north west of the UK, the tooth fairy gives children a whopping £6 per tooth – while in the West Midlands kids can expect just 50p, highlighting a £5.50 difference.

What these studies truly uncover is that the tooth fairy is just a product of keeping up with the times – no longer funding penny candy and upgrading her cost-per-living to help pay for iPod shuffles and game consoles.

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