You can now buy avocados pre-sliced, and people are suspicious

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First it was pre-sliced ham, which we could totally get on board with. Then pre-grated cheese, then pre-spiralized courgetti.

Whether you think it’s lazy to buy these things or convenient, we all have a line that can be crossed – and many people believe that line comes at pre-halved avocados.

Yes – perhaps it’s the environment everyone’s worried about, or just simply wondering why, but you can buy them in this form.

Eric Huang tweeted it a couple of days ago, and we’re not sure how to feel.

The avocado-specific fact that they usually go brown within minutes of them being opened makes us particularly suspicious of these perfectly-green items.

But some of Huang’s followers have been quick to point out that there’s a good reason for some foods to be packaged in this way

Because it’s much, much easier for those with disabilities.

One Twitter user replied: “Seriously? I luv [sic] avocados but have a mobility #Disability & struggle to peel ’em. These are a great idea for my community!”

While another wrote: “My mom has awful arthritis. I would buy these for her if the pkg is easy to open.”

So perhaps every seemingly oddly pre-prepared avocado has a silver living, and while we should be looking to reduce the amount of packaging we use whenever we can, for some it’s a godsend.

We still want to know how they stay green, though.

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