You can now buy a grow-your-own Prosecco kit

Alice Sholl
[Photo: The Gluttonous Gardener]

Finally, the world has started to listen to Prosecco lovers and provided us with Prosecco-infused mince pies and restaurants serving bottomless fizz.

And now, for the Prosecco lover that has everything, you can now buy a make-your-own Prosecco kit.

Because why nip down to Tesco every weekend when you can grow it in your own kitchen?

Thanks to edible plant gift company The Gluttonous Gardener, you can buy a £38 gift crate which contains a white grape vine designed to survive in tricky (aka British) weather conditions.

[Photo: The Gluttonous Gardener]

Which means you – yes, you, in the one-bed flat without a garden – can join the fun.

The kit also comes with a recipe for the wine, a vine-growing guide and personalised labels.

The one setback is that you’ll have to do a little bit of shopping to complete the recipe and buy things such as a demijohn (a big container), fermentation lock and champagne yeast (who knew such a lovable and horrible word could exist together)?

And you’ll have to be patient – grapes do take time to ferment you know; six to 18 months in fact.

But imagine that moment in which you invite your friends around for bubbles, and when they ask you where you bought it, say you made it yourself.

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