Our Yorkshire Farm's Reuben Owen splits from girlfriend – confirming fans' worst fears

Star of Our Yorkshire Farm, Reuben Owen, confirmed he has split from his girlfriend Sarah after fans spotted clues that they had called time on their romance. Reuben joined Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show to speak about his new Channel 5 series, Life in the Dales, on Thursday, 16 May.

After fans feared Reuben had split from girlfriend Sarah, Lorraine quizzed the young man about his relationship status. He confirmed: "Me and Sarah were together, we're no longer together, but we're still very good friends. She's kind of gone her own way and she's pursuing her own career, she does the odd day for us when she is not busy but no, we're not together anymore but we still kind of get along together very well and are still good pals."

Star of Our Yorkshire Farm, Reuben Owen, confirmed he has split from his girlfriend Sarah
Reuben was talking about his new TV show -Credit:ITV
Reuben Owen and Sarah Dow
Our Yorkshire Farm’s Reuben Owen has split from girlfriend Sarah -Credit:(Image: Channel 5)

Reuben and Sarah were childhood sweethearts who have known each other since they were kids in Ravenseat. In the past Sarah has shared photos of the couple on social media, including a throwback from 2022 when Reuben escorted her to her secondary school prom.

They had been officially dating since December 2021, as confirmed by Reuben's post about their one year anniversary in December 2022, jokingly adding "without sacking me off yet". In July 2022, Reuben posted: "Can't believe you have put up with me for 6 months #youralegend #ily."

They both appear together in Life in the Dales, which follows Reuben's journey as he expands his heavy plant machinery business alongside Sarah and friend Tommy.

Reuben Owen
Star of Our Yorkshire Farm, Reuben Owen, confirmed he has split from his girlfriend Sarah -Credit:Channel 5

The couple's break up comes less than two years after Reuben's parents, Amanda and Clive Owen, announced their own split, leaving fans of their show, Our Yorkshire Farm, stunned.

Last month, Reuben talked to Mail Online about how his family reacted to his parents' separation: "Yeah, they spoke about it, but it's not really a big deal between any of us. It's quite simple really. Everyone gets along great. It's not really changed for any of us, if you get me... Everyone makes it work. Beyond that, it's not my business. All I want is for them to be happy. That is all that counts."

He also talked about how much he respected his parents' work ethic in the wake of their split: "Mum and dad were both there, working away together, doing something with the cows. That's how it is. Nothing has changed in that regard. They just get on with it.

"They are both the same really. They get on with whatever jobs need doing. Great role models, really brilliant. Farming away out in the rain and snow. They are really tough, the pair of them."