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Yeti just debuted a bright new colour — and it's perfect for summer

The Tropical Pink Collection is the newest, and pinkest, core colour added to Yeti's Rambler series.

pink yeti travel mugs and travel containers on pink background
Yeti's new Tropical Pink collection is perfect for all your summer adventures (photo by Yeti) (photos via Yeti)

Summer adventures aren’t quite the same without a Yeti keeping your drinks at the perfect thirst-quenching temperature. This year, Yeti is leaning into its reputation of being a hot weather must-have with a new core colour, Tropical Pink. From tumblers and bottles to ice buckets and travel mugs, their famous double-walled vacuum-insulated hydration companions are now available in a refreshing bright pink.

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One of their most popular tumblers, the Rambler 1L Straw Mug, stands out as a summer staple, especially in their latest vibrant hue.

The Rambler 1L Straw Mug has over 5,600 reviews. 

$52 at Yeti
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$52 at Amazon Canada

The details

The Rambler 1L Straw Mug, is looking extra fabulous lately in this gorgeous Tropical Pink. Even though its new look is what's drawing us in, the real beauty of this cup is its functionality. Cup holder friendly and road trip ready, this mug, along with it’s 739ml and 1.2L counterparts, are equipped to keep you hydrated all summer long.

Whether you fill it with ice-cold water or your favourite mocktail, this mug keeps your drink cold and contained no matter the adventure. The BPA-free and shatter-resistant lid features a molded-in stopper, keeping your reusable straw in place and preventing spills on even the bumpiest roads.

Best of all, the Rambler Straw Mug is dishwasher safe — because no one wants to spend their summer doing dishes.

Yeti's acclaimed Rambler 1L Star Mug has raked in a 4.8-star rating across 5,600 reviews from customers.

While the overwhelming trend throughout many of the reviews reflects the mug's amazing ability to keep a drink cold for many hours, the volume of water it holds and its reusable straw set this mug apart. One reviewer even commented that these features helped increase their "water intake by 30-50 per cent."

"Something about a straw makes you wanna drink, drink, drink! I appreciate that it holds a decent amount of water because I am pretty bad for not refilling my water once it’s gone. It fits in the cup holder of my car, a major bonus. I don’t go anywhere without it!"

The Rambler 1L Straw Mug has over 5,600 reviews. 

$52 at Yeti
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$52 at Amazon Canada

Upping your hydration game seems to be a theme in many reviews. Another shopper remarked, "Finally something with a handle to drink my cold water!...Also, it fits in my cup holder great, and I seem to be drinking tons more water!" This mug checks all the boxes when it comes to convenience, tearing down barriers between you and your hydration goals.

Though many shoppers praise the comfortable handle, some reviewers note that it is too small for their hands. One reviewer wrote, "I wouldn’t be able to hold it for long without my hand cramping."

You hear it all the time: "I need to drink more water," and Yeti's Rambler 1L Straw Mug may just be the thing to quench our thirst. No matter the season, the convenience of a large cup that keeps your water ice cold for hours makes the difference when it comes to staying hydrated. The comfortable handle, cup holder-friendly design, and reusable straw only enhance the features many already love about Yeti products. Although convenient, the handle is not one size fits all, something to note before hitting the checkout button.

Features a splash-resistant smooth sliding lid.

$35 at Yeti

Equipped with Yeti's GroundsControl Filter to keep coffee from over-extracting in between pours.

$170 at Yeti

Perfect for keeping hard seltzers cold pool-side.

$35 at Yeti
(photo via Yeti)

This 3.7-litre jug is 100 per cent leakproof

$170 at Yeti

Leak resistant for cocktails on the go.

$75 at Yeti

Features 360 degree sipping capabilities.

$40 at Yeti

Keeps your wine bottled chilled and safe between each pour.

$90 at Yeti

Shop it in 11 colours.

$195 at Yeti

From coffee to cocktails, this lowball does it all.

$25 at Yeti

Perfectly paired with most espresso machines.

$40 at Yeti

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