Yes, You Can Deep Fry Corn On The Cob

Boiled corn on table
Boiled corn on table - Bigc Studio/Shutterstock

Deep frying is the secret to transforming your typical corn on the cob from good to great. This cooking method will produce an irresistible crunchy golden coating and a soft interior made of deliciously juicy corn kernels. And the best part is that it's such a simple process that takes only a few minutes so you can have it either as a last-minute dinner side or as a feature at your next family cookout.

There are actually two ways to deep fry corn on the cob. The first involves simply frying the fresh, shucked corn as is in a fryer for about three minutes. The caramelization from this method results in a tasty crispiness on the corn kernels. The other (more common) way to deep fry corn involves applying a coating on the corn before dipping it in hot oil.

Start by coating with a liquid mixture, which can be a simple batter (made using flour and cornmeal, water or milk, and eggs) or buttermilk. Brush it all over the corn or put it in a plastic bag and roll it around to ensure it's fully coated. Next, dip the corn in the dry mixture of cornmeal, flour, and seasoning or simply panko or another preferred type of breadcrumbs. Roll the cobs in the flour mixture until an even coat forms all around. With that, your corn on the cob is ready for deep frying in a preheated fryer or a pot partway filled with hot oil on a stove.

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How To Serve Deep Fry Corn On The Cob

BBQ spare ribs with corn
BBQ spare ribs with corn - @gfgkitchen / Instagram

After a few minutes of cooking in the hot oil, the corn cobs will turn a beautiful golden brown color and that's your cue to remove them from the oil. Let them cool. From here, one of the easiest ways to serve these crunchy treats is as a snack. Adults and kids alike will gobble them down in no time, especially if you slather them with butter and sprinkle with salt.

Alternatively, serve the deep fry as a side dish at your barbecue event. It goes well with roast beef, fried shrimp, or fried chicken. Basically, any grilled meats will do. And don't forget your salads e.g. pasta salad. These fresh dishes pair well with the crispy corn resulting in a delightful textural contrast.

Finally, deep-fried corn on the cob can be served as a main dish. You can provide a special sauce or dressing to dip the crispy corn in. Think ranch dressing, or your favorite dipping sauce to add a flavor kick to the corn. All in all, deep frying corn on the cob is a fun and tasty way to switch up your usual corn recipes with just a few simple steps.

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