‘Yellowstone’ Star Asks for Helping Finding Missing Nephew

Yellowstone star Mo Brings Plenty is asking the public for assistance finding his nephew who has gone missing as police in Kansas confirmed that he’s wanted following an alleged domestic violence incident.

The actor who plays Mo on the Paramount Network hit posted on Instagram on Tuesday a request for fans to be on the lookout for Cole “Coco” Brings Plenty, who hasn’t been seen since Sunday in Kansas.

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Cole is wanted after a domestic violence incident on March 31, the Lawrence Police Department said in a Wednesday press release. The department said it submitted an affidavit to the local district attorney for the arrest of Plenty following the incident, which took place on Sunday morning at an apartment in the city. “We’ve identified him as the suspect, have probable cause for his arrest, and issued an alert to area agencies,” the release stated.

According to police, on Sunday, officers responded to reports of a female screaming for help but before they arrived at the scene the suspect had fled on foot. Traffic cameras identified Brings Plenty as the fleeing suspect, showing him traveling southbound on 59 Highway out of Lawrence immediately after the incident.

No further details were provided to The Hollywood Reporter during a phone call with a detective from the police department on Thursday morning.

Mo, who also serves as a franchise consultant behind the scenes on both Yellowstone and spinoff 1923, posted a “missing” poster for the 27-year-old and noted, “ColeBringsPlenty drives a white Ford Explorer, last seen March 31st leaving the Lawrence area.” Cole had reportedly also turned off his cellphone.

Another Yellowstone actor, Finn Little (Carter), commented on the post, “Hope Cole is found safe and sound soon.”

Previously, Yellowstone star Cole Hauser (Rip) wrote on Instagram, “My good friend @mobringsplenty nephew is missing. He was last seen on Easter evening in Kansas City. If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact the below or your local police.”

Cole is an actor who appeared in two episodes of the Yellowstone prequel series 1923. The first season ended with a romantic cliffhanger for Cole’s character, Pete Plenty Clouds, and star Aminah Nieves, who plays Teonna Rainwater in the Taylor Sheridan Western saga, setting the pair up for a potential larger role in the Yellowstone-verse bloodline.

He’s also appeared in the shows Into the Wild Frontier and The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger.

Kevin Dolak contributed to this story.

April 4, 11:30 a.m. Updated with information from the Lawrence Police Department.

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