Heston's Waitrose Christmas food range includes a £12 fig and port cheese cake

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Every year Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas range for Waitrose flies off shelves.

Over the years the Michelin star chef’s unique and innovative recipes have become a show-stopping feature on Christmas dining tables.

In 2010, his Christmas pudding creation, which contained a whole candied orange quickly sold out in November, well before the Christmas period had even begun.

The demand for the dessert was so high that many started to sell the item on eBay.

So, what’s in store from Heston in 2019?

Well, for starters Heston’s Waitrose Hidden Orange Christmas pudding is back and you can snap it up now for £16 (if you hurry).

There are also numerous new dessert additions this year, including Black Forest Panettone, Chocolate Bucks Fizz Swirl and, perhaps the most intriguing of all: Fig & Port Cheese Cake.

Buy it: Heston's Fig & Port Cheese Cake | £12

The after dinner treat is the cheese and dessert course all rolled into one.

Inspired by an iconic Heston dessert with a lemon shortbread base, the baked sour cream cheese cake has a tangy fig and port caramel compote hidden inside.

It’s finished off with an almond sponge base and decorated with black luster to create an extra intriguing aesthetic.

Once again the chef has put his own spin on a traditional favourite, the question is, are you brave enough to try it this Christmas?

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