X Factor stars Chico, Stevi Ritchie and Wagner enjoy a reunion on This Morning

This Morning viewers were in a for an X Factor treat as three legendary contestants were reunited on the breakfast show.

Video transcript

STEVIE RITCHIE: Personally, it really did, it gave me so much--

ALISON HAMMOND: You met the love of your life?

STEVIE RITCHIE: Yeah, I did, at the time, yeah, yeah, yeah.


CHICO: At the time.



- Everything happens for a reason.


STEVIE RITCHIE: I mean, it was a good show. I just, yeah, I really enjoyed that. Yeah. Thanks Alison.

ALISON HAMMOND: And not only that, you look completely different.


ALISON HAMMOND: What have you been doing? You've been getting in that gym? You look amazing.

STEVIE RITCHIE: Yeah, four months. Yeah, four months.

ALISON HAMMOND: Eating differently.

STEVIE RITCHIE: --body transformation. Yeah, 10,000-- I know, right? 10,000 steps every day, four stone, and weight training and, yeah, cardio. I just wanted to change my physique. And I feel so much better at 42 years old.

ALISON HAMMOND: That's unbelievable.

- So you're wrestling now, Stevie, or what are you doing?

STEVIE RITCHIE: Well, that was many years ago, wrestling.

- You getting back into it?


ALISON HAMMOND: No, it's bad for the back?

- Look at that. Look at the physique.

ALISON HAMMOND: For your back, isn't it?

STEVIE RITCHIE: Oh, I know. For me, the wrestling, it was long gone. It hurt the back. And I was like, oh.

- So you're still singing? You're still out there--

STEVIE RITCHIE: Yeah, I'm still singing. I was performed last night at Pontins.

- Great.

STEVIE RITCHIE: So should I say that? I don't know. I just did. So I was gigging last night. So I'm still gigging up and down the country. You know, I'm still doing bits and pieces like that.

ALISON HAMMOND: And then we're looking towards there may maybe a Christmas number one maybe?

STEVIE RITCHIE: Absolutely, so music PR Mark Boardman got in touch with me saying, how would you feel about doing a Christmas charity single and knocking LadBaby off the top? I was like, hell yeah. So watch his space. It's in the works right, right now.

ALISON HAMMOND: And it's for charity as well?

STEVIE RITCHIE: Absolutely, no proceeds go in my pocket. Goes all towards, like, charities, mental health--

- Even if it wasn't, now, I'm going to [INAUDIBLE]. It is what it is.

STEVIE RITCHIE: So watch his space.

- Chico, you were there like almost at the start, weren't you?

CHICO: Yes, the second season.

- --season.

CHICO: And, wow, a roller coaster of emotions.

ALISON HAMMOND: I remember that so strongly.