Wynonna Judd responds to 'genuinely concerned' fans after cancelling New Year's Eve show

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Wynonna Judd has assured fans she's doing "okay" after cancelling her New Year's Eve performance.

After cancelling her New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash performance on 31 December due to a bout of "extreme vertigo", The Judds singer shared an update on her health with fans.

She also expressed her "heartbreak" at disappointing her fans and promised to see them again soon when the next leg of The Judds' Final Tour kicks off in February.

"I have heard some of the comments, and the first thought I had was... opinions and buttholes. And then I realised people were genuinely concerned, so I wanted to respond to that piece," Wynonna commented in a video posted to Instagram, showing her speaking with one fan's comment atop her. "I am working so hard on my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing."

She continued, "I have a great team, and I'm really blessed. And I'm broken. And I'm working really hard at self-care, which is not selfish, it's sacred."

The singer's mother and The Judds bandmate Naomi Judd died in April 2022. Following Naomi's death, Wynonna continued performing on the duo's scheduled tour, before announcing more dates beginning in January 2023.

"I work really hard. We call it Wynonna Inc. because I incorporate a lot into my life," Wynonna added in her video. "I have a very full schedule."

However, she stressed she makes room for downtime.

"Tonight is Mexican night," she used as an example. "We're playing games and it's family. So I'm okay."