"I Wouldn't Quit — Even If I Won The Lottery": 19 People Shared The Jobs They're Totally Obsessed With

They say that if you find a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life. But what if you won the lottery? Reddit user u/BITE_AU_CHOCOLAT was curious about the select people who wouldn't even quit their job under those circumstances, so he asked them straight up! Here's what 19 people who are endlessly passionate about their careers had to say:

1."I work in addiction recovery. It means a lot to me. I wouldn’t quit if I won the lottery, but I would go part time."


2."I teach people how to sew. Mostly kids, but we have a few adult classes as well. It is stressful, but also so rewarding to see a room full of people who have learned a skill from you and can take home a bunch of goodies. Sewing is a dying skill, so we need to teach it more!"


3."Kennel attendant. I will never willingly turn my back on these animals."


4."The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. I love the job. It’s stressful at times, but also very rewarding."

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5."I’m the Assistant Director for a children’s theater. It’s really not something you do for the money. You do it because you love it and can’t imagine your life without it."


6."I recondition (light remodeling) apartments after tenants move out. I’m alone all day and I can listen to podcasts or books. The work is very satisfying to me, and as a woman I’ve loved learning HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work. I use the experience in my own home when things break/need updating. I would go crazy without working anyway, but I really do love my job."

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7."I'm a doctor. A great portion of my income is already donated to my hospital's program that expands access to low-income patients. I'd probably give 100% of my income to the program if I won and use the lottery winnings for living."


8."I'm actually a chef at my local homeless shelter. My dream job, even with an advanced degree. I'd not quit this if I won 3 lotteries. I would, however, cut a fat check to my organization and my sister organizations."

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9."I work in education. Winning the lotto, I could buy a home walking distance to work and then I would have more time to do cool shit for kids. I’d probably end up bankrolling a bunch of cool projects. Then I would start a down payment assistance program for new teachers that would make them home owners too."


10."Barista is my main regular job. I fucking love it. I love being able to talk to people all day and making cute little swans or whatever in people's drinks."

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11."I develop chemical sensors. I would buy the company and work half time. The joy of solving the types of problems that come up are fun. I would also get to solve the bedbug detector problems."


12."I’m a criminal defense lawyer. The job can get stupid stressful, particularly in the days leading up to and during jury trials for clients charged with serious crimes. But damn does it feel good to advocate for others, all while pushing back against baked-in injustices that plague the criminal system."

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13."I work at an after-school program for teens with disabilities and it is the most fun, rewarding job I've ever had. Plus, I would miss my kiddos."


14."I am a Zookeeper 😊. I would love to win the lottery, but I wouldn’t quit my job. Working with animals is incredibly rewarding."

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15."I run my own company and my employees are like my children. I love them to bits, and we do meaningful work with remarkable companies. I hit the jackpot already."


16."I already quit my necktie job to become a wood artist. I would never go back to the office, no matter what. If I won a billion dollars tomorrow, I would continue to make and sell my wood items. I would improve my shop, buy more tools, air purifying system, compressor, sanders, and perhaps build a shop with nice windows and storage space. And I would love to spend the rest of my days making things and then selling them. It is not for the money, it is the fact that people want things I thought up and made."

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17."I get to read DUI police reports all day. It's the most entertaining job I’ve ever had."


18."I’m a pharmacist. I love my job and the specialty of work I do. It keeps my brain active and knowledge up to date, and in my field, it’s use it or lose it."

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19.And finally, "This is going to sound stupid, but I deliver food for UberEats. I do it mostly for my mental wellness. I am retired, so I do this to get me out of the house during the day instead of sitting around doing nothing but battling my depression and anxiety. I love the feeling of riding around town on an electric scooter and seeing the sights here in NYC, while also having a feeling of self worth...if that makes any sense."


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