Worst Roommate Ever: Who is Michael Dudley and where is he now?

 Worst Roommate Ever: Where is Scott Pettigrew now? .
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Like many true crime series, Worst Roommate Ever makes for an uneasy watch. After watching episode four of the chilling documentary though, viewers are curious about what happened to Michael Dudley. 

As the title suggests, those who share their home may want to skip this series. Returning to Netflix for a second season, Worst Roommate Ever recounts the shocking crimes committed by seemingly normal housemates.

From the housemate who slowly poisoned her ‘best friend’ to the man who terrorised a woman in her own home, the series will make you rethink your living arrangement.

With the first two episodes focusing on Janie Ridd and Scott Pettigrew, viewers are now curious about what happened to the criminal from episode four.

Who is Michael Dudley?

On the surface, Michael Dudley was a typical Seattle landlord renting a room on Airbnb. Despite his friendly demeanour though, the sixty-something hid a dark secret.

Sadly, this only came to light after Jessica Lewis, 35, and Austin Wenner, 27, moved into his spare bedroom.

Initially, the couple settled into their new home in late 2019 and stayed at the Burien home, near Seattle, for roughly six months. Then in June 2020, they suddenly disappeared.

Just ten days later, their remains would be discovered by a group of teens on Alki Beach, West Seattle.

Michael Dudley
Michael Dudley

Horrifically, the tenants had been dismembered and their remains had been stuffed into black suitcase before being disposed of.

The grisly find would soon go viral, with a video of the suitcase appearing on TikTok and quickly gaining over 30 million views on the platform.

While their families fought for the video to be taken down, the search for the pair’s killer intensified.

It later transpired that the couple had been killed by their landlord, Michael Dudley, after an alleged dispute over unpaid rent.

Shockingly, the argument had even been overheard by a neighbour - who claimed to hear a man pleading for his life and gunshots on June 9.

Though police did visit the Burien home, there was no response.

Following the tragic discovery on Alki beach though, authorities were able to obtain a search warrant.

As they searched the home, they found freshly covered bullet holes and traces of blood.

A still from Worst Roommate Ever
A still from Worst Roommate Ever

Where is Michael Dudley now?

In April 2023, Michael Dudley was convicted on two counts of second-degree murder and sentenced to more than 46-years in prison.

The conviction is a life sentence for the former landlord, who will not be eligible for parole until he is 104 years old.

He is currently serving the remainder of his sentence at Washington State Penitentiary.

Season two of the Worst Roommate Ever is now available to stream on Netflix.