Worrying development in Michael Mosley case as police send in divers to search for TV star

Eerie CCTV footage of TV presenter Dr Michael Mosley has been released as the search and rescue operation on the Greek island of Symi enters its third day, with divers scouring the waters, after there were theories that the dad of four might have fallen into the sea.

The 67 year old documentary host set off for a coastal stroll on Wednesday while holidaying on the petite island but failed to return.

His tracks were reportedly lost, and his location remains a mystery days later, however, many speculated that he may have fainted or fallen off a cliff during the walk but, now CCTV stills reveal him prior to his disappearance.

Michael Mosley seen in Pedi after crossing the coastal route many feared he had run into trouble on
Still pictures seemingly taken from the video show the TV doctor dressed in a dark shirt and a cap, resting an umbrella on his shoulder. -Credit:No credit

Michael has now been missing for three days on the Greek island of Symi, where he was holidaying with his GP wife Dr Clare Bailey. Police launched a massive search operation with holidaymakers and the local island community pitching in, and it's believed there are now several theories being considered.

His wife initially sounded the alarm when he didn't make it back from St Nikolas Beach at 7:30pm.

A spokesperson for Michael told Metro.co.uk: “We have no further information yet and are sitting tight hoping for some good news.”

map showing the greek island as TV doctor Michael Mosley missing on the Greek island of Symi
The map of Symi shows the area that the doctor could possibly be in -Credit:(Image: Press Association Images)

The island's mayor, Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, has since spoken up, stating it's 'impossible' that he is still in the area where some individuals claimed to have seen him return from the beach, after alleging he conversed with some witnesses before his trail went cold.

On Good Morning Britain, ITV host Kate Garraway described the situation as ‘very worrying,’ while journalist Niki Kitsantonis, who is based in Greece, expressed concerns about what might have befallen him.

Speaking on the programme, Niki reported: “There are fears he might have slipped. It's quite rugged terrain in that area, and there are lots of high points you could slip off. The mayor of the island is worried he was perhaps swept away at sea.”

Dr Michael Mosley with wife Clare
Dr Michael was with his wife Clare on holiday before he went missing -Credit:(Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

According to reports, Greek officials have now set a deadline due to fears that the intense summer heat may have affected the This Morning doctor. However, this isn't the only theory officials are exploring, with other suggestions including a fall from a height or even a snake bite.

Earlier today (Friday 7 June) the local police resumed their search of the island after pausing overnight, and were using drones to try and locate the missing Briton. Divers were also sent out to look "in the water" and the local coastguard joined in the search and rescue efforts. Here's a round-up of the theories being considered at the moment:

Michael Mosley
Health guru Dr Michael Mosley missing on island in Greece -Credit:No credit

When he didn't return home, a plea for information was posted on a Symi community Facebook group, with friends expressing deep concern as hours have passed since his last sighting.

Local police on the Greek island are worried because he went out for a walk without his phone, making it almost impossible to track him down.

A local police spokesperson confirmed that there has been “no trace of him.”

Senior Police Spokesman Constantina Dimoglidou further stated: “None whatsoever, and that means that for us at least, every potential scenario is open and being investigated.”

The Mayor of Symi, Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, who speculated that the high temperatures may have triggered dehydration in the doctor. reportedly said: “He came back from the beach, some people saw him but then his tracks were lost.”