'World's sexiest angler' hauls in 100kg fish in tiny bikinis

Emily Riemer is known as the ‘World’s Sexiest Angler’ and one look at her Instagram account will explain why.

The extreme fisher, who hails from Miami, regularly hauls in monster catches weighing upwards of 100kg, all while clad in teeny tiny bikinis and with her blonde mane perfectly in place.

Catch of the day

Her skimpy swimwear has helped the sometime model build her 135k Instagram following, but Emily maintains that she is the reel ... er, we mean real deal.

"I go fishing in bikinis not to look cute but because it is practical in the heat around Florida and the other places I fish,” she explained to The Sun last year.

"Posing with your catch is natural. I happen to do it in a bikini," she added.

All aboard

Emily, who is a crew member on a local fishing charter company in Florida, admits that many fish fight her for up to half an hour and often weigh far more than her.

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She’s frequently pictured brandishing huge Hawaiian-caught yellowfin tuna, which tip the scales at up to 180kg, leaving her fans stunned.

“How are you lifting that so easy?” wrote one in the comments of one photo.

Emily also fishes giant Marlin which weigh nearly 100kg, and says that hauling the line into the boat gives her decent upper body workout.

“Who needs the gym when you can just pull up on a weed line?!” she wrote on one post.

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Many of Emily’s fans are equally as impressed with her toned physique, commenting: “Dang, girl!” and “So sexy” on her photos.

“You’re hotter than a twice baked potato,” said one while another begged, “Come fish with me.”

Emily, who is a keen diver and cello player, also shares snaps of her catching crayfish and stingrays on trips to the Bahamas and Louisiana which she notes in the caption were returned to the sea.