This is the world’s safest airline for 2021

Qantas has been named the world's safest airline for 2021 (Getty)
Qantas has been named the world's safest airline for 2021 (Getty)

As we ease into our third lockdown, travel is once again officially off the cards - but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

With two COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out in the UK, the idea of a summer holiday may not be too far off.

For when that magical day does come, it’s worth considering what airline to fly with next.

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Qantas, Australia’s national airline, has been named the safest airline in the world for 2021.

The accolade comes from who rank airlines on safety annually - Qantas was named the safest out of the 385 airlines the site considered.

Qatar Airways, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Emirate rounded out the top five, while EVA Air, Etihad Airways, Alaska Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways and British Airways made the top 10.

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Of the top 20 airlines, editor-in-chief Geoffrey Thomas said in a statement: “In fact, there is very little between the top 20, they are all standouts.”

Factors taken into consideration include the airline’s crash and serious incident record, safety initiatives (including new coronavirus protocols), fleet age and government and industry audits.

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Qantas’ response to the pandemic - which included social distancing while boarding and altering its dining service - earned top marks with seven out of seven safety stars.

It was also praised for its development of safety initiatives like the Future Air Navigation System, which allows communication between pilots and air traffic control, and its real-time engine monitoring too.

Thomas added: "All airlines have incidents every day and many are aircraft manufacture issues, not airline operational problems.

"It is the way the flight crew handles incidents that determines a good airline from an unsafe one."

Top 20 safest airlines for 2021

  1. Qantas

  2. Qatar Airways

  3. Air New Zealand

  4. Singapore Airlines

  5. Emirates

  6. EVA Air

  7. Etihad Airways

  8. Alaska Airlines

  9. Cathay Pacific Airways

  10. British Airways

  11. Virgin Australia/Virgin Atlantic

  12. Hawaiian Airlines

  13. Southwest Airlines

  14. Delta Air Lines

  15. American Airlines

  16. SAS

  17. Finnair

  18. Lufthansa

  19. KLM

  20. United Airlines also revealed the top 10 safest low cost airlines for 2021, releasing these without ranking.

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EasyJet, Ryanair and Wizz Air made the top 10, alongside Air Arabia, Allegiant, Frontier, Jetstar Group, Jetblue, Vietjet and Westjet.

Top 10 safest low-cost airlines for 2021 (in alphabetical order)

  • Air Arabia

  • Allegiant

  • Easyjet

  • Frontier

  • Jetstar Group

  • Jetblue

  • Ryanair

  • Vietjet

  • Westjet

  • Wizz Air

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