'Womanizer's OG Pleasure Air Stimulator gave me the strongest orgasm of my life — and now it's 38% off'

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Back in the day we had to settle for our own digits or the shower head when we were in the mood for a little me-time. Luckily, sex toys burst onto the scene and answered our prayers. Thank Eros (God of sex).

That said, every woman is different and for some of us, it's pretty frustrating trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, so to speak.

Yes, clit stims are great, but what if you're a fan of G-spot stimulation? Or really, really love the sensation of being lovingly caressed by an invisible ghost robot? Bear with us here...

Fast-forward to 2024 and sex toys are enjoying a sexual (r)evolution, and thanks to leading sexual wellness brands such as Womanizer, there really is now something for everyone.

The newest innovation to hit the market? A dual-action toy that sends targeted pleasure air technology to your C-spot while also playing with your G.

And thanks to the return of Lovehoney's spring sale, you can save 38% right now. Yeah, really.


To make sure you're not wasting your cash, we took the OG Pleasure Air G-Spot Stimulator out for a spin, and it's safe to say that we were obsessed. It's like oral sex but uses air to target the inner sweet spots no human mouth could ever reach.

Want more detail? Here's what one sex writer really thought.

What is the OG Pleasure Air G-Spot Stimulator?

Sex-tech engineers have been rather busy in the lab over the last couple of years (we massively appreciate it), working on new ways to get us off.

But the breakthrough discovery of Berlin-based sexual wellness brand Womanizer? Pleasure Air Technology. Now this might sound like a fancy air-con unit to you, so let us explain.

In a bid to replicate the feeling of authentic cunnilingus, a number of brands have launched clit stims and massagers a plenty. But powering Womanizer's creations is this newfangled tech, best described as a heady combination of pulsating airwaves mixed with thrilling vibrations.

Although if you asked us what it actually feels like, we'd say like an invisible ghost robot is eating your pussy.

How to use the OG Pleasure Air G-Spot Stimulator

Okay, so you've kicked your partner out, put your phone on Do Not Disturb and lit a couple of candles (yes, this is necessary).

First, grab your favourite water-based lube — we've popped our favourites below — and add a generous squirt to your soon-to-be pulsing plaything.

Now on to the fun part. To get started, try the following tips:

  • To make the most of your new sex toy, start by touching yourself with your hands first to see what feels nice and get you in the mood.

  • Hit the On/Off button on your OG and gently slip it inside your vagina.

  • Can't see what you're doing? Don't stress! Focus on what feels good instead.

  • Gently guide the stimulator head to where your G-spot is located — the spongey bit a couple of inches up and on the front wall.

  • Next up, work your way up the 12 intensities (the +/- switch makes that easy) to see what you like.

  • Feel the need to pee? This is a perfectly normal and is because the action's happening rather close to your bladder.

  • Finally, with the OG head gently surrounding your G-spot (or wherever feels good) allow the pulsating waves and gentle suction to bring you to a shuddering orgasm.

  • If it starts to feel too intense, press the minus button super-quick to activate the Afterglow setting (essentially it'll revert to its lowest setting for a smooth and sensual wind-down).

What shoppers had to say

It's totally normal to head straight to the reviews when considering a serious purchase, and it seems fans were keen to shower the OG with praise.

One shared: 'I'm not sure the word 'toy' can do justice to something so beautifully designed and so erotic to use. We just love it.' Another raved: 'Within five mins I was wriggling and squirming, building up to an orgasm which started from deep within. I finished with my first ever G-spot squirting orgasm...'

There was also a very happy wife who recommended using this on your clit while your partner takes you from behind. Noted.

But there were also some who weren’t so keen... although let’s remember that it's very normal for us all to like different things.

'The pulse and vibrations are super weak. There are 12 different sensitivity settings that all feel exactly the same,' wrote an anonymous review.

One more put: 'Buttons almost impossible to press in, you’ll break nails using this thing!' Not ideal.

So what does the OG actually feel like?

A seasoned sex writer shares her honest thoughts...


  • Simultaneous C- and G-spot stimulation

  • 12 intensities and 3 pulsing patterns

  • Velvety soft-touch surface

  • Get down and damp, it's 100% waterproof

  • Afterglow feature — a quick press of the minus button and it'll revert to it's lowest setting for a relaxing end to your O

  • Smart Silence feature — the motion only starts when it touches your skin


  • Spicy but rather pricey

  • Not the strongest sucker

  • Buttons are a tad fiddly

Rating: 3.8/5

Now this is the million dollar question. Trying to explain how it feels to receive cunnilingus from a ghost robot is no mean feat, but we'll give it a shot.

The combination of internal airwaves and pulsations is like the first sip of a fresh G&T on a hot summer's day... plus sexual ecstasy with cherries on top. As it result, it delivered a stronger, longer and more powerful orgasm than I have *ever* experienced in my life.

So much so, I've dumped my husband and proposed marriage to my new true love, the OG. Don't call me, I'm busy.

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