World's First AI-Generated Statue Embodies Styles Of History's Famed Sculptors

Swedish engineers have created the world's first AI-generated statue. Recently unveiled by the Swedish engineering team at Sandvik, The Impossible Statue represents a remarkable fusion of art and technology. Showcased at Sweden's National Museum of Science and Technology, the modern engineering masterpiece harnesses the collective styles of five legendary sculptors, Michelangelo, Rodin, Kollwitz, Kotaro, and Savage. To create an amalgamation of these artists' characteristics, AI models were trained on works by the five creators, allowing them to merge the contrapposto of Michelangelo, the musculature of Rodin, the naturalism of Kollwitz, the movement of Kotaro, and the boldness of Savage. Simply put, engineers at Sandvik allowed the technology to cherry-pick the “most desirable attributes” of each sculptor's works over the past five centuries. "Through the harmonious integration of Artificial Intelligence and engineering, we have successfully resurrected some of the greatest artists from bygone eras, breathing new life into their timeless artistry.'" said Peter Skogh, Director at Tekniska Museet