World’s Largest Plastic Waste Pyramid Lands In Egyptian Desert Made From 18 Tonnes Of Plastic From The River Nile

The world’s largest plastic waste pyramid has been revealed in Egypt. Unveiled ahead of COP27 in Sharm el-Sheik, the plastic pyramid also marks the beginning of a movement called the 100YR CLEANUP, an initiative led by zero-waste company Zero Co and mission-led wine The Hidden Sea. It seeks to fund large-scale rubbish clean ups for the next 100 years and drive accountability for the single-use plastic problem. Erected in?Egypt’s Western Desert, just outside Cairo, the immense structure took five days to build weighs a whopping 18 tonnes, is taller than a three-story building and is made using the equivalent of 1 million?plastic water bottles and rubbish collected from the Nile River. In a strike of collective action, consumers can sponsor the removal of “bundles of trash” while businesses can be part of the game-changing initiative by contributing funds towards the initiative. To personally mark the launch of 100YR CLEANUP, founder Mike Smith will camp out on top of pyramid for three days to call for support from people and businesses to join?the movement. Zero Co and The Hidden Sea aim to raise $1,000,000 for the 100YR CLEANUP over the next 12 months which will remove 15 million water bottles worth of rubbish and drive the initiative’s mission year on year, for the next 100 years.