Wool dryer balls could be the laundry hack you've been looking for

Why you need wool dryer balls in your life. (Getty Images)
Why you need wool dryer balls in your life. (Getty Images)

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Not only does washing and drying take up a lot of our time, (which is annoying in itself), but often, even after all that effort, our clothes come out static and clingy, our towels turn stiff and our bedding remains damp.

Didn't think there was a solution? Neither did we, until we came across a rather miraculous laundry aid: KinTor Wool Dryer Balls.

The wool balls help to soften laundry naturally without any synthetics or chemicals and decrease drying time – plus, they currently have 35% off on Amazon.

Sold? You soon will be.

Why we love them:

Dryer balls are reusable and therefore much less wasteful than using a fabric softener or dryer sheets, making them a more sustainable option.

Their main benefit is decreasing drying time, meaning you'll have warm and cosy clothes or bedding in no time, plus a lower energy bill.

They also help to reduce wrinkles in fabric, meaning you won’t need to do so much ironing. The dream.

We particularly love the way they fluff up our towels wash after wash.

Plus, the wool balls help to minimise static, which can help make clingy clothing a thing of the past.

How they work:

Add the wool balls to your dryer and they’ll bounce around gently with your clothes. They separate your laundry, allowing hot air to circulate more efficiently, which cuts down drying time.

What the reviews say:

The KinTor Wool Balls have racked up an impressive 6,000 reviews on Amazon, most of them five-star.

  • “These drier balls are great. They stop the clothing tangling up during drying time especially the bedding. They help lessen creasing and they stop static building up on static vulnerable items.”

  • “Great alternative to fabric softener. Makes towels fluffy and there was much less ironing needed on clothing items such as jeans and acrylic jumpers, which was a lovely surprise.”

  • “Bought these after reading the reviews and couldn't be happier. Cuts drying time hugely. Added bonus, they don’t make the annoying sound like the plastic ones do.”

  • “Great. Doing exactly what I needed. Clothes are much fluffier and less ironing involved.”

  • "Love these, excellent product, well made, make a difference to the dry time - use them every day."

Buy them: KinTor Wool Dryer Balls XL 6-Pack Reusable | £12.99 (Was £19.99) from Amazon