Women are sharing the ridiculous things men believe about their bodies

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Some men believe women can turn their periods on and off. [Photo: Getty]
Some men believe women can turn their periods on and off. [Photo: Getty]

Women are sharing the weird and wonderful things men believed about the female body – and it seems some serious misunderstandings have been going on.

In a Twitter thread today, women shared some of the most ludicrous beliefs being shared by the men in their lives.

From being able to ‘hold in’ periods to having less ribs, some of these ideas about the female body are downright bizarre.

One Twitter user said a man she knew thought she could ‘turn off’ her period.

She wrote: “Like, all jokes aside, it’s actually scary how little men know about periods. I met a guy once who thought that women could control their periods: like turn it on and off like a tap.”

I mean, we wish that was true…it would have definitely come in handy for senior school swimming classes.

Other women were judged for not being able to “hold in” their period. One wrote: “I have seen a lot of that in posts opposing tax-free supplies. ‘I can hold my pee so what’s wrong with women?'”

Meanwhile – in another example of wishful thinking – one woman revealed her male PE teacher thought periods only lasted a day. In a perfect world, maybe.

Meanwhile, there were some serious misunderstandings with anatomy – with the whole ‘two holes’ concept baffling even the best of men, who didn’t realise women have a designated hole to wee out of.

Finally, one bloke was convinced women had less ribs – assumedly a bit like Adam & Eve. Bonus points for Old Testament knowledge, though.

“My ex-husband honestly believed that women had fewer ribs than men until he was in his early twenties.”

Have you ever heard anything as bonkers as this? Let us know in the comments below.

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