Women overhaul their bodies FIVE times a year to get ready for bikini and wedding season

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Jetting off on your summer holiday is usually one of the things we most look forward to each year.

But it seems a much-needed beach getaway has actually turned into a stressful occasion, as it's one of the events most women feel they need to transform themselves their bodies for.

The true extent of our bikini body fear has been revealed as the main reason British women try to transform themselves a staggering five times a year.

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Over half of us attempt to give ourselves a 'body overhaul,' with special occasions being our main incentive to start a new diet and fitness regime.

Getting bikini ready was the main culprit for the change, with 60 per cent of women wanting to shape up in time for the beach.

Shedding the pounds for the perfect 'wedding body' followed closely behind, with most of us wanting to feel our best selves in those all-important pictures.

But while women attempt five body transformations a year, most men only aim for an average of two.

And it seems a small percentage of women are so intent on overhauling their body for special occasions they go on a body makeover mission seven times a year.

The study, commissioned by leading flexible fitness provider payasUgym.com, found that break ups cause 33 per cent of women to strive for a body overhaul.

Getting back into shape following the birth of a baby was a reason for 29 per cent of us to up that gym regime, while meeting the parents was also listed - perhaps to impress potential future-in-laws.

Jamie Ward, Co-Founder of payasUgym.com said: “It seems that for the most part, women are gearing up for specific events or occasions and undertaking exercise in shorter, sharp bursts, rather than for a prolonged period.

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“With the increase in celebrity fitness trends and endless photos shared on social media, it’s no surprise that women are setting themselves these goals and doing what they can to achieve them.

“At payasUgym.com we offer a choice of over 1,000 gyms across the UK, without having to pay for joining fees, making the quest for a fitter body both flexible and affordable.”

The top 10 reasons for a body overhaul:
    1.    The Beach Body (60%)
    2.    The Wedding Body (59%)
    3.    The Post Break-Up Body (33%)
    4.    The Post Baby Body (29%)
    5.    The Reunion Body (26%)
    6.    The Meet The Parents Body (20%)
    7.    The Date Night Body (20%)
    8.    The Birthday Party Body (17%)
    9.    The New Job Body (14%)
    10.    The Sporting Event Body (12%)