Women Are Paying To Get Blood Injected Into Their Clitoris

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There are vampire facials, there are cervical steams, and there are vaginal massages - we get it; there are some strange beauty treatments out there involving blood and our private parts.

But the latest trend is the ‘orgasm shot’, in which blood is injected directly into the clitoris. You know, the clitoris - the most sensitive part of the body EVER.

Apparently, by transferring platelet-rich blood plasma from another part of your body to your clitoris, you cause stem cells in it to multiply and therefore it’ll grow healthier tissue.

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As a result you’ll be hornier, better lubricated, and it increases your chances of a vaginal orgasm (as well as its intensity) for up to a year.

Before the procedure, you’re fully numbed up, and it only takes five minutes - though perhaps the greater hassle is that it’s $1,500 and available at ‘vaginal spas’ within the US (god bless America).

It’s pretty impossible getting the thought of a needle going anywhere near there out of our heads, though.

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