Women a ‘distinct minority’ among highest UK earners


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We can probably guess that you’re well aware of an equality issue in the UK when it comes to gender and pay.

And just to confirm what we already (miserably) know, a report published by the LSE has found that there are very few women amongst the UK and other OECD countries’ top earners.

While there is a higher proportion of women among the wealthiest 10% and 1% than there was in the 90s, things haven’t improved very much as a whole - and it turns out that the higher the income bracket, the less women there are in it.


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So if we’re talking about the top 0.1%, things have barely changed in the past twenty years.

In the UK, women make up 28% of the top 10% earners (a salary of £40,400 and above) and make up 18% of the UK’s top 1% (£119,000 and above).

But they only make up 9% of the top 0.1% - those earning £456,000 and above.

Compared to other countries looked at in the report, the UK didn’t perform very well at all. Among Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Spain, Denmark, Italy and Canada, the UK had the lowest proportion of women in the top 0.1%.

Spain did best, with 16.6% in this bracket being women.


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Overall, the report found a similar situation in all these countries; men make up the majority of high-income groups, and this balance gets worse the higher the income bracket.

Co-author of the report Alessandra Casarico told Stylist:

“Women now make up more of the top income groups, but they are a distinct minority.”

Professor John Hills, co-director of the LSE institute publishing the paper, also said:

“Right at the top it is still a male world. Women have managed to increase their representation in the top 10% because of their success in the professions and business, but few of them are among the very wealthiest.”

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