Woman's Longtime Friend Gets Mad After She Wears White to Baby Shower: 'Didn't Think Anything of It'

A woman on Reddit wants to know: is it in poor taste to wear white to a baby shower?

<p>Getty</p> woman holding her pregnant best friend


woman holding her pregnant best friend's belly at a baby shower

A woman is igniting viral conversation on Reddit after asking whether it's inappropriate to wear white to a baby shower.

In a post shared to Reddit, an anonymous 29-year-old woman says that her long-time friend — whom she refers to as "Claire" in the post — recently held a baby shower.

"I wore a white and blue floral sundress. I didn't think anything of it because, as far as I know, white is only inappropriate for bridal events," the woman writes.

But Claire didn't agree — and was so upset by the outfit choice that the woman was asked to leave the baby shower.

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<p>Getty</p> present for baby shower at the table


present for baby shower at the table

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"When I arrived at the shower, Claire's mood seemed to immediately sour and she was really cold toward me," the woman writes in the post. "Later, one of my other friends pulled me aside and asked me to leave. She said that Claire was offended by my 'attention seeking behavior' and that it was inappropriate to wear white to Claire's event. I left."

As she writes in the post, the woman was "super confused."

"Like I said, I thought the white rule only applied to bridal events," she adds in the post. "Our friends are refusing to take sides but a couple have told me I should apologize even if I don't think I'm wrong."

<p>Getty</p> Baby shower


Baby shower

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Commenters on Reddit have overwhelmingly sided with the original poster, with one writing that Claire "is NOT a friend."

"Wearing a white or floral dress isn’t a reason to be harassed or asked to leave," wrote another. "It’s not attention seeking ... Unless your dress was excessively skimpy, these people were majorly in the wrong. These people are not friends, they are frenemies and you’d be better off without all of the people who attacked you."

Still others offered words of advice for the original poster, with one writing: "please wear the same outfit the next time you see her."

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