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Womanizer launch world-first showerhead designed for sexual pleasure

Womanizer has launched a showerhead specifically designed for masturbation in collaboration with hansgrohe

Costing £99.99, the new Womanizer X Hansgrohe showerhead is available in three different colours. (Womanizer)

In case you were wondering, the latest sex toy launch is the world's first shower pleasure product, thanks to a collaboration between Womanizer and bathroom brand Hansgrohe.

Called the 'Wave', it's a showerhead that's been made specifically for masturbation.

Aiming to turn the heat up a notch next time you jump in the shower, the design has been created to break the taboo of conversations around masturbation by introducing it into everyday objects.

The act of self-pleasure also comes with some pretty impressive health benefits, such as being a natural pain-reliever, strengthening your pelvic floor, easing stress and even helping you sleep better.

According to Womanzier, nearly two in five women masturbate in the shower at least once a month, and many women around the world have their first self-pleasure experience in the shower or bathtub.

The Wave costs £99.99 and is available in black, white and silver to shop now, and has already racked up five-star reviews from very satisfied shoppers.

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Why we rate it

This screw-on showerhead promises to be the first of its kind with three different jet settings designed for your sexual pleasure.

Firstly, there's the PowderRain option, a fine mist spray, secondly, there's PleasureWhirl for moving stimulation and lastly PleasureJet, a steady pulsating jet for targeted stimulation.

The three different jet settings are easily customisable and discreet. (Womanizer)
The three different jet settings are easily customisable and discreet. (Womanizer)

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It's lightweight and ergonomic so you can use it easily with just on hand, and comes with a discreet, movable slider. Not only that, it uses 60% less water consumption than regular showerheads.

What the reviews say

The new launch has gone down well with LoveHoney shoppers, with 39 four and five-star ratings.

  • "All in all this toy is seriously amazing. I look forward to my self care showers and know that I will orgasm every time. I'm sure using with a partner would be wonderful too."

  • "I’ve experimented with play while stood in the shower, crouched and lying down. The shape of the shower head enables you to hold it comfortably in any position, and the placement of the switch and the button allows you to use it effectively with one hand and with very little difficulty."

  • "I would recommend this shower head for the sleek looking design, high quality feel and variety of settings it offers. It brings pleasure to shower times whilst also remaining practical and suitable for all."

  • "Completely relaxed and stimulated. The shower head is suitable for both regular showers or hair washing and for a soothing massage after sports or for stimulating self-love."

Shop it now: Womanizer X hansgrohe Wave Clitoral Stimulation Shower Head | £99.99 from LoveHoney

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