Woman Who Shed 11 Stone In A Year Shares Body Selfies To Show Reality Of Extreme Weight Loss


Aubrey Johansen shares body selfies to show the reality of her extreme weight loss [Photo: Instagram/aubreystrawb_rny]

Two years ago, aspiring singer Aubrey Johansen tipped the scales at 25 stone and was told by doctors she had just 15 years to live.

Faced with the scary prospect of not being around to celebrate her 40th birthday, and having been turned down for a prestigious singing program because of her weight, in October 2014 the 25-year-old made the drastic decision to undergo a gastric bypass.

Within a year of the surgery and having overhauled her diet and fitness regime, Aubrey had lost an astonishing 11.4 stone (159lbs) and slimmed to a UK size 14.

Her drastic lifestyle change lead to the personal chef becoming an Instagram sensation, with over 47.9K fans eagerly following her body transformation.


After a gastric bypass and overhauling her diet Aubrey lost over 11 stone [Photo: Instagram/aubreystrawb_rny]

But despite her healthy new life and super trim figure, Aubrey’s not entirely satisfied with her new bod because the dramatic weight loss has left with piles of excess skin. So much so that she’s questioned whether she looked more beautiful before losing the weight.

“You have the vision in your mind of how you will look. You think you’re going to be fit and gorgeous, not like a melted stick of butter,” she told Daily Mail.

“It’s terrible because you don’t feel attractive. Some days I feel I was more beautiful before, so it’s a real mental battle.

“It affects going to the beach in a bikini, even taking my clothes off in front of my girlfriend. I just don’t feel proud.”


Aubrey doesn’t shy away from Instagram posts revealing her excess skin [Photos: Instagram/aubreystrawb_rny]

Aubrey hopes to get the excess skin removed some time in the future, but until then she isn’t shying away from showing images portraying the reality of extreme weight loss.

And fans have been quick to praise Aubrey for her honesty.

“Thank you so much for showing the not so pretty side of weight loss. I have yet to come to terms with my excess skin and your vulnerability is so helpful!” one follower commentated.

“I literally started following you for inspiration for my workouts as I was starting my weight loss journey. Your vulnerability is so helpful. You’ve shown me no one is perfect. You’ve earned the body you’ve got from hard work. I hope you’re proud of yourself, sometimes it’s hardest to be kind to ourselves. Thank you for the inspiration!” wrote another.


The fitspo star helps others to find body confidence [Photos: Instagram/aubreystrawb_rny]

“I still have yet to embrace my excess skin after extreme weight loss, so it’s inspirational to see someone who is so true to their after weight loss body. It’s been 3 yrs for me and I still hate looking or seeing it, I hope to eventually be in a good place where I just embrace my body,” one woman wrote honestly.

Taking to her Instagram to post a recent picture of her stomach Aubrey had a motivational message for anyone currently battling body demons.

“They tell us from the time we’re young, to hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves. Inside ourselves. I know I’m not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else. Well I’m over it.”

[All photos: Instagram/aubreystrawb_rny]

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