Woman Walks Out of Party After Sister Announces Miscarriage: 'Focus Went to Her'

An anonymous woman on Reddit says that her sister has ruined almost every significant event in her life by sharing bad news

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of mother and upset daughter


Stock image of mother and upset daughter

A 24-year-old woman says that her sister has ruined nearly every significant event in her life by sharing bad news — and that she recently walked out of her own party after her sister announced she had experienced a miscarriage.

In a post shared to Reddit, the anonymous woman says her parents were throwing her a "congratulatory make up party" as a means of honoring both her birthday and her recent graduation.

Her real birthday, she writes in the post, falls on the same day that her older sister was diagnosed with cancer.

"My whole life, I have been told that the day I was born was the worst day in our family because it was also the day my sister was diagnosed with cancer," she writes, adding: "My family hated celebrating my birthday and they would often ignore my actual birthday and choose a new date to celebrate me, normally it was a few weeks after my actual birthday. This was because the day held 'no happy memories' for them."

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<p>Getty</p> Stock image of two women upset at each other


Stock image of two women upset at each other

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Even after selecting a new day to celebrate her birthday, the woman says her sister almost always shared bad news on the day of the celebration.

"During my 10th birthday party ... my parents and sister decided to announce that my sister's cancer had returned and she was undergoing more treatment. All celebration died and I had to send my friends home," she writes.

She continues: "When I turned 16 ... my sister wasn't invited but decided to show up and started telling everyone she had another cancer scare three weeks before,"

Later, at the woman's high-school graduation ceremony, "my sister announced her engagement had ended and she cried the whole time and my family decided to cancel the party they had booked for after, because my sister needed comfort."

This year, the woman decided she had had enough, and told her parents "how awful it made me feel to have these things happen, especially the ongoing reminder that the day I was born was the worst day of their lives."

Her parents then told the woman they would throw her a party, "to congratulate me for my achievements."

But the day of the party did not go as planned, with the woman writing that her sister, now 30, "showed up and announced she'd had a miscarriage to everyone and the party died as the focus went to her."

"Her husband told me I should make non-family leave because my sister needed family around her," she adds in the post.

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of two women upset at each other


Stock image of two women upset at each other

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The woman left, though she writes in the post that it took guests "two hours to notice," and when they did, they were all asking what she was thinking. Her sister, meanwhile, cried on the phone saying "that she thought I, above everyone, would support her."

By and large, most commenters on the post have sided with the original poster, with one writing, "You sister has proven she is an attention seeker. You parent have proven that she will always come first."

Some commenters even suggested the woman find a "replacement family," arguing, "Your sister wont allow you any happiness and her family (not yours) enables her."

Still others worried that if the sister never learns, the situation may get worse, with one commenter worrying that the sister might use the poster's wedding as an opportunity to share horrible news that derails the event.

"I hope you told her why you left and why you were cold to her," a commenter wrote. "She has ruined every significant event for you!"

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