Woman Turns Mum Tum Into Six-Pack, Wins Fitness Competition Less Than A Year After Giving Birth


Ingrida shared her incredible body transformation on Instagram [Photo: Instagram/Ingrida.fit]

Taking to the stage in an embellished silver bikini, showing off a six-pack most of us can only dream of, Ingrida Radevic beams as she collects first place in a coveted fitness modelling competition. An impressive feat for anyone, but even more so when you find out the 30-year-old fitspo did it less than a year after giving birth.

When she fell unexpectedly pregnant in 2014, Ingrida struggled to exercise and like many mums-to-be found that having a bump caused her body to alter. But despite gaining more than three stone during her pregnancy, the fitness fanatic was determined to get back her pre-baby body. And in fact she did one better.


Ingrida won a national fitness competition less than a year after giving birth [Photo: Instagram/ingrida.fit]

Hitting the gym as soon as her daughter, Aria was four months old, the new mum was able to drop four stone and recently scooped the top prize in her category at a national fitness competition.

Taking to Instagram to share a body transformation picture both during and 10 months post-pregnancy, Ingrida explained that though pregnancy had taken its toll on her body she was now in the best shape she’s ever been.

“Quite a transformation,” she wrote. “10 months ago the most beautiful little lady completed our family and it’s changed my world forever. Image on the left I’m 8 months pregnant and managed to gain 23kg, now I’m in the best shape of my life.”


Ab goals! [Photo: Instagram/ingrida.fit]

Ingrida credits Tom Brazier, a total body conditioning coach for helping her through her transformation. But she was quick to point out that those abs of dreams we’re far from easy to obtain.

Since November, the fitspo star has been working out five to six times a week and following a strict eating plan. Now she wants her competition win to serve as inspiration to other mums that being fit and health after having a baby is “not only achievable but also has huge mental and physical benefits.”


Ingrida with her baby, Aria [Photo: Instagram/ingrida.fit]

“I’m certainly not suggesting that every new mum out there should enter a fitness competition,” she told Daily Mail. “But keeping fit, being active and having an end goal is very therapeutic and has huge benefits for mother and baby.”

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