Woman shares the benefits of travelling without her partner

This year Christina Patel has been on seven holidays without her partner and believes everyone could enjoy the benefits of solo travel.

Video transcript

CHRISTINA PATEL: Hi, I'm Christina. I'm almost 31 years old, and I have what some people might call an unconventional relationship. Whilst my number one passion is travel and I have the ability to work remotely, my boyfriend's passion is golf, and he is someone that cannot work remote.

We live by the value that if your partner doesn't want to or can't do the same things as you, you shouldn't have to compromise on your dreams as a result. Over the last four years of our relationship, I have been on countless trips without my boyfriend, my most recent trip being almost two months in Asia away from him. And while some people might think that's totally bizarre, I think it's something that only strengthens our relationship. The reunions when we see each other again are totally special, and there's zero resentment as a result of not being able to follow your dreams.

So I'm here to crush the idea that you have to hold yourself back because your partner can't do the same things as you. And whilst yes, there will be some compromise involved, a truly supportive partner will encourage you to chase your dreams no matter what. As long as your relationship is built on solid foundations of trust and good communication, I see no reason why you can't do the same thing.

So if you're interested to know more or keen to follow my adventures as a solo but taken travel girl, then please follow along.