This Woman Revealed The One Simple Way To Identify If Someone Is In Their 30s And Millions Of Millennials Are Not Happy

A woman named Paige Mills recently went viral for sharing the one indicator she's noticed for figuring out if someone is in their 30s:

In her TikTok that has over 15.5 million views, Paige shares, "I became friends with a girl at the gym and when I asked her how old she was she asked me to guess. I had thought 25 or 26 this whole time and then I looked her up and down and I said 32. She said, 'Yes, that's correct. How did you know that? Most people guess a lot younger.'"

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"And I said, 'Because, baby, you have ankle socks on. The ankle socks will always give you away.' Next time you're at the gym, take a look around. Everybody over 30 — ankle socks. Everybody under 30 — crew socks. The next time I saw her, she was wearing brand-new crew socks."

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Immediately millennials rushed to the comments to stand in solidarity against the crew socks.

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Many millennials literally have a feeling of unease around them!

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Because, to a millennial, they are the socks their ancestors wore.

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I mean, they grew up watching their grannies sport them.

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Only millennials know the pain of having to roll crew socks down to look ~cool~.

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You could call what they did DIY no-show ankle socks:

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Millennials put blood, sweat, and tears into ankle socks and they just mean too much to part with.

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Plus, most millennials feel they'll circle back around in fashion soon enough!

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BuzzFeed spoke to Paige who said she thinks the TikTok went viral because it gave people the urge to comment their age and sock preference. "I also think people either love to be self-deprecating (like me) and think it’s fun to be profiled, or they’re very maddened by being profiled and want to comment on it, haha."

She said her gym is a good place to observe fashion trends because there is an array of ages, specifically between 20 and 40 years old. "I wear crew socks. I switched to crew after a lifetime of ankle socks around the time COVID hit. Trends take a while to grow on me, I am often very late to the party on these things."

Lastly, Paige said she saw a lot of comments saying that "old man fashion" is back. "I agree that the younger generation is dressing like old people again. I think some of the comments were spot-on because elderly people also wear crew socks. So maybe the ankle sock window is smaller than I gave it credit for," she laughed.

Either way, maybe millennials should ditch both crew socks and ankle socks because it may be time to switch to good ol' compression socks 😂 .

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