This woman quit her job to breastfeed her boyfriend


A woman has quit her job to breastfeed her boyfriend [Photo: Rex Features]

A mum who gave birth twenty years ago has started breastfeeding again. Only this time round, it’s her boyfriend she’s nursing.

Yep, the most unusual story of the day award goes to Jennifer Mulford who according to The Sun has decided to quit her job so she can breastfeed her boyfriend, bodybuilder Brad Leeson, full time.

The 36-year-old from Atlanta first came across a website about ‘Adult Breastfeeding Relationships’ (ABR) when she was single.

“When I read about the bond breastfeeding could create between two people I was envious,” she told The Sun.

After reuniting with her former childhood sweetheart, Brad she decided to broach the idea with him.

“It was like a light switched flicked in his head. I could tell from his voice that he was curious and excited.”

This Woman Quit Her Job to Breastfeed Her Boyfriend
This Woman Quit Her Job to Breastfeed Her Boyfriend

Because it is over twenty years since Jennifer gave birth to her daughter, she has to ‘dry’ breastfeed Brad every two hours and use a breast pump to ‘fool’ her body into lactating. She also drinks Mother’s Milk Tea, a herbal drink said to imitate female hormones and increase milk supply. And Jennifer has decided to take a career break from her job as a bartender to focus on the breastfeeding job at hand.

She believes adult breastfeeding will create a ‘magical bond’ between the couple that only breastfeeding can achieve. Meanwhile, Brad, a self-confessed gym buff, hopes the regular nursing sessions will have health benefits for him that could give his body a boost.

Though the couple claim to be proud of their ABR, they only breastfeed in the privacy of their own home.

“I can come home from a very stressful day and seconds after Brad latching on I feel a sense of peace and calm. For that time I feel like we become one. I have yet to feel anything more comforting,” explains Jennifer.

“It’s a bond that no one can come between.”

As you were, everyone. As you were.

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