This woman live streamed her birth on Facebook (and 62K people tuned in to watch!)

Sarah Cantwell chose to share her birth experience with 62K viewers [Photo: Sarah Cantwell/SWNS]

For many mums giving birth is a private moment to be shared by a chosen few, but blogger Sarah Cantwell live streamed her birth on Facebook. And 62K thousand people watched her baby daughter be born!

The 28-year-old mum, who already has a daughter, Rosalie, 2, chose to broadcast her birthing experience to the Channel Mum Facebook page.

The blogger, who runs a family-life blog and YouTube channel called Rosey Home, first began filming from her home in Oxfordshire at around 5am on Thursday when her contractions started coming “thick and fast”. And just an hour later, with the assistance of midwives, Sarah gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Maeve Elizabeth.

“I’m just letting you know that I’m currently in labour,” she said on the first streamed video. “My waters broke at about 3.30am.”

The 28-year-old blogger gave birth to her second daughter at home [Photo: Sarah Cantwell/SWNS]

Her second video, 20 minutes later, showed Sarah calmly enduring more contractions, as her midwife checked the baby’s heartbeat.

“It’s half past five in the morning, and contractions are definitely quite intense now. It feels like the baby is crowning,” she told the viewers.

A woman live streamed her birth on Facebook [Photo: Sarah Cantwell/SWNS]

Just twenty or so minutes later, Sarah gave birth to her second daughter without any pain relief.

In a later video posted to the channel, Sarah sat calmly with her husband Nick, 30 and their brand new baby . The blogger explained that though it felt a little strange to be streaming her birth live, she wanted to show how positive a home birth experience could be for mum, baby and the rest of the family.

Sarah described giving birth to her second daughter as a much calmer experience than her first in a midwife unit.

Speaking about the number of viewers who tuned in to watch her birth experience she said: “It’s quite crazy how many people were watching. I was only really expecting my friends and maybe some family to tune in.”

“The midwives were amazing and looked after us wonderfully,” she added in a post on Instagram.

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