Woman leaves husband after discovering his cruel nickname for her

He had been calling her SWMBO to his mates. Photo: Getty
He had been calling her SWMBO to his mates. Photo: Getty

A woman has revealed the cruel nickname her husband used to call her behind her back, which ultimately saw their marriage end.

The mum of one explained that she left her husband when their son was two years old, after she saw a text he had sent to his mates.

It all happened one morning after her husband got home from a late night out. He had slept in and went directly into the shower, without poking his head in to see her and their son first.

While he was in the shower his phone kept pinging, and she decided to check it in case it was something urgent. That’s when she saw he had called her ‘SWMBO’ in one of the messages.

Her husband was in the shower when she checked his phone. Photo: Getty
Her husband was in the shower when she checked his phone. Photo: Getty

“Evidently, my husband had made the time to send a few replies. I didn’t know what to make of his last one, which read: ‘Don’t think I can make it tonight. SWMBO will say no’,” she wrote anonymously for Mamamia.

Wondering what the abbreviation stood for she asked her husband outright and he casually responded it meant ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’.

She says it felt like a “slap in the face”.

It wasn’t a matter of ‘obeying’ me, or asking my permission, as he often complained,” she wrote. Rather, she had just hoped he would check in with her out of respect of their busy family life.

The woman said it was the final straw. Even when their son was born her husband’s behaviour didn’t adapt to becoming a father, she claimed. She said he hated telling her what his plans were.

Even to simple questions like ‘will you be home for dinner?’.

“He claimed he didn’t have to,” she wrote. “It was a weird shift in our marriage that I hadn’t expected – this stubborn reluctance to tell us when he was going to participate in our lives.”

While they had once been “best friends” she revealed that after five years of marriage, they ended up fighting constantly.

Already deeply hurt by the way he would never communicate his plans, the fact that he had spoken to his mates about her in that way was the nail in the coffin.

The week after seeing the text message she packed her bags and left with their son.

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