Woman leaves home without realising her pet cat was sleeping on car roof

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Story and video from Newsflare

This is the hilarious moment a woman left home for work in the morning - without realising her pet cat was sitting on the car roof.

Thitirat Iamsrila, 26, pulled away from her home in Khon Kaen province, northern Thailand, while the moggy named Platoo was napping.

The woman began travelling down her driveway before one of her frantic neighbours called out to warn her that the feline was perched on top of the vehicle.

Concerned Thitirat quickly turned around and pulled the white Toyota back into the garage where she checked on Pla Tum, who was fortunately unharmed.

Thitirat’s home CCTV system captured the whole incident on January 25.

She said: “I would have been scolded by mum if the cat was lost. That’s why all the people were staring when driving out, luckily the grandma told us that’s why we’re able to bring it home. Otherwise there would have been problems.”

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