Woman gets chin infection from boyfriend’s beard stubble: ‘Worst week of my life’

A woman who got an infection from her boyfriend’s beard posted a warning on TikTok.

User @h.paigeee needed an entire round of antibiotics after getting a “beard rash” from her boyfriend. Although she told people in real life that she ran into a wall, she was more forthcoming on TikTok. She shared photos of the infection and how she got rid of it.

The bacteria caused a red, flaky patch under her bottom lip and around her chin.

“Stubble cut my skin and then natural bacteria on hair got in and happened to get infected,” she explained in a comment.

She said the infection was gone within five days and was only so severe because she has very sensitive skin. The antibacterial cream cleared it right up.

“Round of antibiotics later… wash your faces please men,” she wrote.

The video received 2.2 million views on TikTok. Some people even shared similar experiences.

“YES!!! I’m glad it was never THIS bad, but I nearly gave up on men entirely,” a user wrote.

“Yeah this happened to me when I was in college and I had a boyfriend my mother didn’t like, this is how she knew I was still seeing him,” another said.

“You’re not alone this happened to me worst week of my life,” someone commented.

“I dealt with this often with my previous boyfriend and that’s why he’s my previous boyfriend,” a TikToker replied.

“Ahahahah I’ve had this, the most embarrassing thing ever,” a person added.

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