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Woman documents moments leading up to her proposal: ‘I quietly said goodbye to my past chapter of life’

One woman silently said goodbye to a chapter of her life in a touching video.

On May 12, Aubrey (@daily_aubrey), a New York City-based creator, shared the moments leading up to her proposal. After realizing that her partner was going to pop the question sometime that evening, she had a moment alone, during which she quietly enjoyed and lamented the end of this chapter.

In the 14-second clip, Aubrey sips a coffee and takes in her surroundings while sitting alone.

“I had a moment alone before I was proposed to,” reads the video’s caption. “I realized it was probably happening that night and that i wouldnt be alone again so i quietly said goodbye to my past chapter of life.”

With more than 2.8 million views and 487,000 likes in four days of posting, Aubrey’s video has resonated not just with women who’ve had similar experiences but with TikTok users who recognize the beauty and importance of celebrating how far you’ve come alone and as you.

“I knew what day it would happen. But those few hours before, just taking it all in, & knowing my life was changing forever was powerful & emotional,” @shaelynsmead commented.

“taking a moment to sit with who you were and who you’ll become. i have goosebumps,” @veebezee replied.

“just please remember before you were someone’s something you were you. you were quite special before any title,” @emvv wrote.

For some individuals on the brink of starting a new life with their partners, taking quality time to sit with who they’ve become, all on their own, is crucial.

“There is both relief and sadness in letting go,” Gillian Sisley wrote via Medium. “It’s staggering to consider how much of our lives revolve around searching for ‘true love’ and finding a partner. I can’t eve express how much time I’ve invested into daydreaming about my happily-ever-after over the two decades.”

There’s finality in getting engaged, Sisley asserted.

“I’m saying goodbye to a significant portion of my identity. For some, marriage doesn’t change much. For me, it changes everything,” she admitted. “Life is no longer just about me…I am letting go of an independence I have relied upon for so long. And I do so willingly. And part of that willingness is recognizing that a large portion of my identity as an individual human is about to fade away and die.”

“How do you become ready to move from one stage of life to the next? It helps to openly admit that it’s going to be sad to leave this stage of life you’ve enjoyed so much … Give away what you have been withholding and withhold what you’ve been giving away,” Salon columnist Cary Tennis wrote via CNN.

Aubrey’s video articulates the complexities of closing one chapter and beginning a new one. It serves as a reminder that it’s OK to mourn the end of an era — even if you’re on the cusp of an entirely new, exciting time.

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