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Woman documents efforts to get into a Met Gala after-party, and here’s what actually went down

What’s it like to crash an after-party on fashion’s biggest night? Well, this woman seems to know.

Kitty Lever (@kittylever), a New York City-based model, recently posted a series of videos on TikTok that document her efforts to infiltrate a Met Gala after-party — from the early stages of thrifting a look to the getting-ready process and then finally standing amid a crowd of hopeful partygoers.

On May 3, two days after the coveted event took place, Kitty posted a tell-all on TikTok.

“So I did make it to the Met Gala after-party on Monday, and let me just say it was an experience,” she begins. The party in question, according to Kitty, was attended by A-listers like Bad Bunny, Paris Hilton, Cardi B and Doja Cat.

Recognized as an annual charity event and fundraiser for New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the Met Gala has “traditionally been timed to mark the opening of its annual fashion exhibit.” Given the top-secret nature of the goings-on inside the gala, guests must agree to the no-phone policy.

That evening, the opening of the Costume Institute exhibition, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” was celebrated.

Met Gala after-parties access is arguably more coveted than the actual event itself. In fact, Vogue writer Elise Taylor even attempted to go to every single Met Gala after-party this year. Spoiler alert: She makes it to all but three.

Knowing that the party started at 1:00 a.m. at The Box NYC, Kitty and her friend decided to show up earlier in hopes that doing so would heighten their chances of getting in.

“Me and my friend are like, ‘Let’s just, like, go a little bit early at like 12:15 a.m. to, like, beat the crowds,'” she explains. “So we’re Ubering there. I have, like, butterflies in my stomach because I made a whole TikTok series about going to this after-party, at least trying to, and I was like, ‘I have to get in!’ So we get there. We get out of the car, and we see a mob of people.”

“I was just kinda meditating through it.”

Kitty recalls feeling like she was at a music festival or in a mosh pit because she was “string-beaning, like, being slung everywhere.”

“I had a bunch of my girlfriends were there but, like, realistically they have no weight to, like, get me into the party,” she says. “So I was relying on the friend that I was with. So I was just kinda meditating through it… and when I say they were not letting anybody in. It was, like, two people every five to 10 minutes.”

The worst part, according to Kitty, was the fact that people who came to the doors to get their friends were pretending not to know other people they saw in the mob.

“You’ll see people that you know come out of the door to get their friends and, like, they will pretend, like, they don’t know the people that’s like shouting their names,” she explains. “Like, I literally saw people being so fake to each other.”

Finally, one man and his date were allowed in along with two “extra” girls. Hearing that, Kitty and her friend bolted right behind him.

“I, basically, was, like, ‘OK, we’re his extra two girls,'” she says. “Literally, that was our chance, and we went. Like, I literally felt like I was just, like, an animal on the hunt and when they were like, ‘Yeah, they’re good’ like, boom. Like, seize the opportunity. Don’t look back.”

“ur like the fashion girl version of the dudes who get into the superbowl with construction vests”

Kitty’s success story garnered praise from fellow TikTok users.

“GOOD FOR YOU HONEY,” @vittoriaacrisci wrote, to which Kitty replied, “DO WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. like lowkey this is the cinderella story.”

“ugh im moving to new york,” @alejandromunch wrote.

“I wish I had your courage, that sounds like so much fun,” @giulia.pelucchi said.

“ur like the fashion girl version of the dudes who get into the superbowl with construction vests,” @maxdurante joked.

Crashing a Met Gala after-party has officially made its way onto our bucket list.

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