Woman Credits Her Apple Watch For Helping Her Lose Half Her Body Weight In A Year


A woman has credited her Apple watch for helping her lose half her body weight [Photo: Instagram/evechantal]

Looking to lose weight? You know the drill. Cut the junk, ditch the booze and spend your evenings peddling away on an exercise bike. But according to one woman there is an alternative. Because 20-year-old Eve Stansfield from Brisbane credits her Apple Watch for helping her to lose almost half her body weight.

Just over a year ago Eve decided to turn her life around and get healthy. Since starting her transformation journey, she’s dropped an amazing 10 dress sizes and lost a whopping 100 lbs. And it’s all thanks to a piece of wearable tech.

Using the device to track her movements, workouts and calories lost, Eve regularly takes to her Instagram Eve Chantal to share images of the results alongside motivational captions to inspire others with their own fitness journeys.


Eve regularly posts snapshots of her watch to Instagram [Photos: Instagram/evechantal]

“In the beginning, I started tracking what I was eating and tried to make actively healthier choices and control my portions,” she writes about how the tech has helped. “I downloaded the @myfitnesspal app which is amazing because it takes your position and works out how many calories you should be eating to reach your goal,” she continued.

Other than using the watch to track her movements, Eve also credits the age old, move more, eat less for her weight loss transformation.

“People ask me all the time how I’ve done what I’ve done. Put simply it’s been by eating less and moving more,” she explains on Instagram.

“I combined eating good food with getting more active. I started moving more, I took the stairs where I could, I parked in the car park the furthest from where I needed to go, I went on more walks with friends and spent a lot of time on the old spin bike we had at home.”


Eve’s body transformation is amazing [Photo: Instagram/evechantal]

But though Eve has reduced her calorie intake, that hasn’t meant junk food has been entirely off the menu. And the 20-year-old, who now wants to study to be a personal trainer, still indulges in the odd takeaway treat.

“Don’t make yourself miserable with some fad diet - eat good food and make healthy choices but understand that is perfectly fine to slip up or have a cheat meal,” she says.


Eve wants to help motivate her Instagram followers [Photo: Instagram/evechantal]

Now Eve wants to help encourage her 17.4K followers to embrace their own health and wellbeing journey by spreading her own motivational message.

“Weightloss isn’t about hating yourself,” she says. “It’s about loving yourself so much that you want to make a change for the better to become healthier.”

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