Woman claims security camera caught ‘small dinosaur’ running through her backyard: ‘[It] can run fast’

A Florida woman is claiming that her security camera captured a “baby dinosaur” running across her yard in the early morning of April 18.

Homeowner Cristina Ryan has divided social media after sharing her security camera footage with Fox 35 Orlando.

“Any animal we can come up with that would be ‘walking’ at 3:40 in the morning wouldn’t walk this way,” she explained to the outlet. “Maybe I’ve watched Jurassic Park too many times, but I see a raptor or [some] other small dinosaur.”

Ryan went on to disagree with viewers who suggested it was some type of bird.

“Whatever it is appears to have front legs,” she said. “I’m sticking with raptor.”

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Commenters seemed split as to whether it was a runaway pet or one of Florida’s 15 species of native lizards.

“I used to live in Clearwater, Florida and [have] seen some of these lizards running on back legs,” one commenter wrote. “They are big, alert, active lizards [that] are quite common along canal banks in suburban areas.”

“It’s a dog with a jacket on,” another chimed in. “If you pause or slow it down, you can see the leash trailing behind it.”

“Looks like a small gator to me,” another concluded. “They can run fast.”

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