Woman claims being called 'fat' by her ex inspired her to lose 65 kilos

Alice Sholl
Weight loss
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Anyone who’s ever been a student will know how easy it is to put on a few pounds during your first term.

And 25-year-old Hayley Westoby from Sydney, Australia, was no exception – though she put on rather a lot more weight than is usual.

Once a physically fit teenager into her running and sports, after a knee injury and her first year of studying, she went up to 119 kilos (18 stone seven pounds) thanks to junk food, booze, and steadily forgetting about exercise during her student days.

But now, Westoby has lost a massive 65 kilos – all naturally, too.

Her inspiration? She says it was her ex calling her “fat” during an argument – which though she described as a “slip of the tongue” rather than malicious, says it gave her the push she needed.

Weight loss
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So Westoby originally challenged herself to lose a more modest five kilos – but after hitting the gym and ditching the bad parts of her diet, managed to lose more than 10 stone.

She’s now 54 kilos (eight stone five pounds), and a size 10, and says she owes it to early morning exercise and having a strict alcohol-free diet.

Westoby told Mail Online: “Before my weight had been mentioned, I hadn’t realised how much weight I’d put on.

“It had been a gradual thing since starting university, where I gained the ‘Fresher 10’ and then some thanks to my student diet of junk food and booze.

Weight loss
[Photo: Caters]

“But after the shock of realising how much weight I had put on had worn off, it made me look at my party lifestyle and I realised I had actually let myself go.”

The marketing manager said that setting herself an “achievable” target was how all the weight loss began:

“I decided to set myself an achievable target of losing five kilos and was amazed at how quickly it came off. So I kept going, educating myself on exercise and nutrition along the way.

“Now I’ve lost 65 kilos completely naturally and am so proud of what I’ve achieved. I’ll never be embarrassed by my body again.”

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