Woman ‘blows up’ after fiance gives her family a list of rules for staying with them: ‘Pretty insulting’

A man doesn’t want his future in-laws visiting his and his fiancee’s home.

He shared the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. His fiancee recently moved into his home. Over the years, his family has visited many times, and they’re good guests.

But he has visited his fiancee’s in-laws before, and he found their lifestyle unsanitary. They would let clutter, dirty dishes and garbage bags pile up. So when his fiancee asked if the in-laws could visit, he wanted to set up some ground rules.

He told his wife that the in-laws (her brother, his wife and three kids) should promise to clean their dishes and not to leave clothes or trash on the floor.

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“She didn’t answer me for awhile but when she did, things blew up. She said I never have rules for my family and friends when they visit so why am I forcing rules on hers? I answered that my family and friends don’t need to be told to not throw dirty clothes on the floor,” he wrote.

Redditors chimed in with their opinions on the issue.

“It’s pretty insulting of OP to treat them like they don’t know how to behave as guests,” a user wrote.

“You do have rules for your own family. You just don’t have to point it out explicitly because they respect them,” another said.

“Your home is not a hotel and you should have standards for guests,” someone commented.

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