Woman wears different ballgown every day to work from home during lockdown

The 32-year-old is making quarantine glamorous. (SWNS)
The 32-year-old is making quarantine glamorous. (SWNS)

Sometimes, working from home during the coronavirus lockdown can seem anything but glamorous.

One woman is on a mission to prove that just because we don’t have to dress up for work a the moment, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

Oh, and she’s doing it in style.

32-year-old Lucy Rogers is wearing a new ballgown every day to make her quarantine experience a bit more fashionable.

Rogers, who’s based in New York, receives her gowns via the clothing subscription service Rent the Runway and since she can’t wear them out, she wanted to put them to good use.

Rogers gets her dresses from a clothing subscription service. (SWNS)
Rogers gets her dresses from a clothing subscription service. (SWNS)
Exercising in her gown. (SWNS)
Exercising in her gown. (SWNS)

In order to lighten the mood amidst the difficult time we’re all facing, Rogers posts hilarious updates of herself wearing the fancy garments doing seemingly mundane household jobs.

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She posts her photos to the Instagram account Say Yes To The WFM Dress in a bid to cheer people up.

She has already posted photos of herself making coffee, exercising, cleaning the bathroom and even waking up for a nap.

It’s safe to say her fans are loving it.

The tagline of the Instagram account is: “Wearing everything highly inappropriate while learning how to unmute on Zoom.”

We feel your plight, Lucy.

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“I really wanted to wear all these gorgeous dresses I had rented, but I had nowhere to go,” said Lucy, who works for the digital marketing agency Croud.

“I started the Instagram site as a bit of a joke, to keep myself entertained while we’re all stuck at home.

“I thought my friends and family would find it funny and it just blew up from there really.

“I was going to cancel my subscription but then I thought this could be an opportunity to wear all these lovely things that I could never normally wear to the office.

“Unfortunately I have to send them back afterwards.” Rogers said about the clothes.

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She’s not the first to don her finest eveningwear during the lockdown. In fact, the saying “all dressed up and nowhere to go” has never been so poignant.

We’ve recently laughed along with Amanda Holden when she dressed up in her fanciest outfit to take the bins out.

There’s even a new Facebook group, that has amassed thousands of followers already, dedicated to posting videos of people doing their chores in their best clothing.

It’s a new trend we didn’t know we needed and Rogers agrees.

“I’ve even had messages from people working in the ER, saying they check in daily to look at the dresses, I thought that was so nice.

“And people have started posting their own photos with the hashtag.

“It’s a bit of fun to make people smile while all this is going on.”