Woman faces backlash after complaining bride won’t let her bring her mum as a plus one

A woman asked to bring her mother to her friend's wedding (posed by models. [Photo: Getty]
A woman asked to bring her mother to her friend's wedding (posed by models. [Photo: Getty]

A woman has criticised her friend’s refusal to give her a plus one to her wedding – after she asked to bring her mother.

The Mumsnet user, who goes by the username Roxxxy and identifies as single, asked others on the platform whether it seemed “unfair” that she had not been given a plus one while her coupled up friends had been allowed one.

She started a thread, entitled “Is this fair wedding etiquette?”

“My coupled up friends' partners have all been invited, but those of us who are single are not allowed to bring a plus one,” she wrote.

“The partners of my mates aren't even close with the bride or groom.”

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Testing the waters, Roxxxy asked to “bring my Mum as a plus one”.

But, she was told to wait until the numbers for the evening ceremony were finalised.

“I could understand not bringing a plus one for the ceremony, but [my single friends and I] have not been told we can for the evening part, either,” she added in a further comment.

However, most Mumsnet users were inclined to side with the bride’s perspective – even calling the user “cheeky” for so much as asking to bring a plus one.

“I think it's pretty cheeky to have asked to bring your mum to be honest,” one person commented.

Another user questioned, “Why do you need to bring your mum, you have other friends there?

“Very strange to think because your friends partners are invited that you as a singleton should get a plus one.”

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“I've never been invited with a plus one so I find it totally normal,” offered another.

But, some users did sympathised. “All of our single friends were invited with a plus one. I would have felt weird doing it another way - 2 of my friends brought their Mums,” was one comment.

Another person agreed the policy “seem[ed] a bit odd” while adding, “it is their wedding to say yay or nay.”

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