Woman with 25 tattoos says she regrets them all

A woman with 25 tattoos says she regrets every single one. Rose Nicholson, 32, an accountant, got her first tattoo when she was 19 - an 8in heart design across her chest. And over the next eight years she added a half sleeve of colourful characters from Neverhood -a 90s computer game - on her arm, along with lyrics to song 'Smile' by Eyedea and Abilities. On the same arm, she had four pre-designed "flash" tattoos - where you turn up on the day - and three Harry Potter tattoos. She continued adding tattoos all over her body until she was 27. Her final one - the Deftones White Pony on the back of her thigh - was at the age of 27 but Rose says by that by the time she was 30 she "hated" them all. Rose, from Manchester, says she considered getting them removed - but it's too expensive.