These new wireless lights make dream lighting schemes easy – without expensive electricians' bills

 Collage of three rooms showcasing  the new Pooky rechargeable lighting range of wall fittings and lamps.
Credit: Pooky

Forget expensive electricians' bills to create perfect lighting schemes in every room, these new Pooky rechargeable lights are all you need.

As someone who never uses the main light, I'm a big fan of accent lighting illuminating every room. For years I've been dreaming of elegant wall-mounted lights framing the bed to make my bedroom look more expensive but have been restricted by the costs and work involved in chasing out the walls to install electrical cables.

So imagine my excitement on hearing the news of Pooky's new cordless, rechargeable lighting range which means I can now install my dream lighting trend scheme without any of the bother or expense.

"There are no restrictions," says Rohan Blacker, founder of Pooky. "And no costly electrician bills. Everything is managed by remote control. Recharging is easy and battery life is long and constantly improving."

New: Pooky rechargeable lighting

compilation of two images showing pooky rechargeable lighting in a kitchen and living room
compilation of two images showing pooky rechargeable lighting in a kitchen and living room

The new Pooky rechargeable lighting collection features a range of over 20 cordless lights that can be used anywhere in the home without the need for any restrictive wiring or the expense of calling in an electrician.

Without the need for fixed power sources, this range allows total freedom to place lights anywhere you want them.

How does it work? The rechargeable element replaces the traditional lightbulb and is a USB-C light-up cartridge, called Genesis. With bases free of a bulky battery, the designs are now a lot more freeing allowing for wall lights as well as slimmer lamps. The wall lights are more like brackets that are attached to the wall with 2 screws and the light is then attached to that.

The Genesis element has a 15+ hour running time and takes five hours to charge fully.

wall lights
wall lights

"Interior and, to a degree, exterior lighting is experiencing a full-on revolution," says Rohan. "Since we learned to harness electricity in the nineteenth century, lighting has been confined exclusively to where the power source is - the perimeter walls, and sometimes the middle of the ceiling."

"If you wanted wall lights and picture lights they had to be planned well in advance and were costly due to the rewiring process."

"Now there are no restrictions, the shackles are off, and you can light your space entirely as you want. As with most revolutions, the ultimate goal is freedom and now after 150 years, we have it.

"Want to light a picture in an awkward spot? No problem.  Want a lamp in the middle of your dining table?  Easy. Want to put beautiful wall lights into your rental property?  Sorted.  Want a lamp on the rim of your bath?  Here it comes.  Want a pendant light over your bedside table? Straight away.  Want to illuminate the corner table where you don’t have a plug socket?  Consider it done."

gold wall lamp part of the new pooky rechargeable lighting collection
gold wall lamp part of the new pooky rechargeable lighting collection

Twinky Rechargeable Wall Light

RRP: £100 | To put this stunning wall light up all you need is two tiny screws to attach the bracket, rather than carving up your walls tracing electrical flex. The smart design is rechargeable, simply pop off the shade and plug in using a USB. It offers at least ten hours of warm beautiful light and it's dimmable – definitely the design I'm buying for my bedroom.

antique brass picture light
antique brass picture light

Regular Seurat Rechargeable Picture Light

RRP: From £132 | Picture lights are the epitome of an expensive considered lighting scheme. This new antique brass light is an affordable way to accentuate artwork with easy assembly in minutes, offering at least fifteen hours of charge and remote-controlled functionality.

Green marble table lamp on a red side table in a living room
Green marble table lamp on a red side table in a living room

Lollie Rechargeable Table Lamp

RRP: £110 (shade not chosen) | This decorative lamp is ideal to give your home personality with an injection of pattern and colour. The characterful cordless design features a circle of stunning green veined marble with a choice of patterned shades to match. The Genesis Cell (supplied with the lamp) has at least 15 hours of charge and a handy little remote to switch on and off or dim for ambience.

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting. From creating ambience to highlighting architectural features, a balanced lighting scheme can elevate the feel of any room.

Layered lighting is the key to avoiding the most common lighting mistake, from too much overhead light or inadequate task lighting in rooms where you need it most. I for one will be utilising this cost-effective way to transform my bedroom with the fashionable wall lights on either side of my bed.