Wiregrass Gallery displays sculpture work by Keith Andrews

May 2—THOMASVILLE- The Wiregrass Gallery has a new exhibit, featuring the artwork of Keith Andrews that will continue on display through May.

Andrews has lived most of his adult life in Central America, but recently returned and is residing in Tallahassee. He holds a PhD in entomology, but rather than focus on insects, his artwork specializes in people.

Andrews describes himself as an "unrepentant, optimistic humanist."

In 2016, he embarked on a major project that has since consumed his life.

"I celebrate the best in our species through sculpture," he said. "My practice is unified and focused through the Project 100 People Who Deserve a Monument Better Than I Can Make But Won't Ever Have One Unless I Do It For Them."

This project gives 100 special people, some of whom are archetypes, the recognition they deserve.

"More importantly, it counteracts in some small way the pessimism, cynicism, and fatalism that poisons our societies and paralyzes millions of well-intentioned people," he said.

The sculptures are crafted with bronze, resin, polymer clay, and found objects. However, Andrews isn't done yet. He is working on new sculptures every Friday at the Wiregrass Gallery from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. and has already hosted two artist talks with visiting patrons.

While his works can be seen locally throughout May, many of Andrews' sculptures are found in private collections in Europe, as well as North, Central, and South America.

Prior to 2017, the sculptures were recognized as interesting and of increasing technical quality. Those produced in subsequent years have been noted as "provocative, subversive and some offensive."

Andrews defended his work, though, explaining the sculptures tell the truth and focus on the dualities and contradictions of life, such as biology and technology, masculinity and femininity, good and bad, and me or us.

His specific focus has been on a biologically respectful figuration, celebrating asymmetries, Caesarian scars, wrinkles, and sags, as all of these markers are true to the individuals he celebrates in his project.

These celebrated projects will be available for viewing at the gallery on Tuesday-Friday from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.