You can buy a genius wine glass holder for your bathroom for just £10 from Amazon

Amazon are selling an affordable wine glass holder for your bathroom [Image: Getty]
Amazon are selling an affordable wine glass holder for your bathroom [Image: Getty]

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If you’ve ever wanted to sip on a glass of red while you pamper yourself in the bathroom but feared that a smashed glass could ruin your ‘me-time’, there’s a genius solution.

Amazon are selling a wine glass holder that you can attach near your tub, mirror or shower head.

Even better, the handy product - which would also make a great gift - will only set you back £9.99.

Made out of silicone, it features a super-sticky side that can be fixed securely to most surfaces.

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These include glass, mirror and glazed tiles, meaning you can attach the holder pretty much wherever takes your fancy.

However, according to the online retailer, you should wait 24 hours to give the adhesive a chance to fully dry before using it.

The item - which comes in blue and grey colour options - has already received some rave reviews on the site from happy customers.

One person wrote: “Great wine glass holder, perfect to stick beside the bathtub for when you really want to relax.”

The handy product sticks to most surfaces [Image: Amazon]
The handy product sticks to most surfaces [Image: Amazon]

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If you’re planning to enjoy some rioja while reading a book during bathtime, make sure you chill the remainder in the bottle.

A sommelier has warned that leaving an opened red on the side will actually make it spoil faster.

Sam Tyson, from with 20 years experience, explained that it’s important to put it straight in the fridge - just like you would with a white.

The expert explained that any exposure to air will make a red lose its aromas and flavours, and eventually go off.

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“Almost any reaction happens more slowly at cooler temperatures, making the fridge an excellent spot to rest your red,” he told the Daily Mail.

“The more wine in the bottle means the longer the wine will remain fresh, just like milk.

“To this end, transferring any remaining wine into a smaller bottle can really help. Just remember to take it out of the fridge well before you want to drink it!”

Sam added that decanting can make your average wine taste even better because it allows it to “breathe”.

You should add the red to a decanter approximately 30 minutes before pouring into wine glasses.

While keeping it in the fridge can extend its life, over-chilling wine - of any kind - can render the taste dull and lose its sweetness.

The expert explained: ““If the wine is served at the correct temperature, you really shouldn't need an ice bucket.”

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