The Wine Glass Hack For Truly Effortless Cake Cutting

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Picture this: A tower cake of chocolate ganache and mousse. A 2-layer chocolate cake so decadent there is no sense in waiting to try it. But after deciding to partake in this delicacy, the unthinkable happens. A kitchen full of drawers and no clean utensils to use to consume the delightful treat. What do you do? Give up? The newest trend on TikTok says never. Even if you find yourself without a knife or plate, there is another way. All you need is a wine glass. Taking the stem of the glass, position your upside-down glass over the piece of cake you desire. Depress it into the cake for a healthy scoop.

Lo and behold, your wineglass has a portion of cake ready for eating. All that's missing is a fork. However many traditions have stood the test of time, they are unable to hold a candle to modern innovation. There seems to be an impressive hack for every realm of the kitchen, even something as simple as cutting a cake with a glass or a simple DIY chip and dip bowl.

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An Easier Way To Eat Cake

wine glass cake cutting hake with pink cake
wine glass cake cutting hake with pink cake - TikTok / @Cristinaviseu

Using a knife and fork has never steered anyone wrong in the past, but there is always an easier way when the internet sets its mind to a task. However, with this strategy, there are a few caveats. For obvious reasons, a stemless wine glass won't work as well as an alternative. You need to be able to get enough purchase on the stem of the glass to scoop up your portion. But once you have that, there is no stopping you from an effortless way of serving yourself.

The rim of a wine glass is thin enough to cut through the spongey texture of the cake and significantly cuts down on cutlery to allow for seamless plate-to-glass serving. This would particularly come in handy at celebrations with minimal seating. At any backyard gathering where mingling is encouraged, you don't have to worry about balancing a plate in one hand and risk dropping the creation all over the ground. And in an increasingly health-conscious society, this method also helps with portion control. When it comes to dessert, it is far too easy to overserve yourself. There is no denying the pull of a moist and delicate cake, but with only one wine glass fill, there is no danger of a heaping plateful. Whether you go back for seconds or not is a different story.

Just Be Careful With That Wine Glass

Woman holding wine glass in kitchen
Woman holding wine glass in kitchen - Whit Preston/Getty Images

In the realm of TikTok trends, there seems to be no limit to reinventing the wheel. Effortless as it may be, introducing wine glasses to your dessert has some dangers. While most beneficial in outdoor settings, it loses some of its practicality inside. First and foremost is the mess that it creates. It is undoubtedly efficient, but the wine glass won't stop the cake from spilling over the side after grabbing yourself a serving. Some may not mind getting frosting and crumbs all over themselves, but those who are cleaning up after most likely will mind.

Wine glasses are also notoriously delicate and often require hand washing. Throwing glassware in the dishwasher may be appealing, but it is not advisable. Even if you put them in the dishwasher, you have to be careful to place them gently so the motions of the dishwasher don't break them. And speaking of breakable glasses, that is another risk of this method. One wrong movement and you could be chipping a wine glass into a communal dessert. Eating glass is not very festive. And perhaps the most egregious sin of all is the damage to the presentation.

"This is absolutely brutal," Mehak Narula from Baked by Mehak told Hindustan Times. "It breaks my heart to see the hard work being cut like this. It takes a lot of energy and labour to delicately put the layers of cake together." In this vein, perhaps this method is best saved for homemade cakes during casual gatherings.

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