Wife defended after questioning whether husband gifted her fake Gucci bag

A woman has sparked a debate about “push gifts,” or gifts given shortly after a woman has given birth, after questioning the authenticity of one she received from her husband.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole” subreddit, a new mother explained that her husband has always given her “expensive things” throughout their relationship, despite her telling him they are not necessary.

Before she gave birth to her son, her husband gave her a push gift. “It was a huge Gucci bag and inside was a Gucci tote bag,” she wrote in her Reddit post. “It was a very lovely bag. He said the reason why he got me that huge Gucci tote bag was because I would need a big bag to carry around so that I can put the baby’s things inside when I travel with him.”

The mother pointed out that she thought the gift was still “too much” but her husband continued to assure her that the lavish gift was to show his appreciation for her and his excitement to be a parent with her.

Then, when her husband was gone, she placed the new bag next to her other ones because she sensed something was “off”. “I noticed that the material of the bag was different. The inside of the bag looked a little off and the handles of the bag felt very bad quality to the point where I placed too many things in the bag I am sure it would tear. The bag also smelled different. It didn’t smell like leather to me,” she wrote.

This led to the new mother to turn to the Gucci website to find the exact model of the bag, which also didn’t match the bag she was given. “I began to wonder why he would buy me a fake bag,” her Reddit post continued.

“He didn’t have to get me anything expensive. I made that very clear to him many times.”

She asked her husband where he purchased the bag and after a few attempts, he admitted it was from eBay for a “good deal”. His wife then let him know that the bag was a fake and he should attempt to get his money back.

Her husband began lashing out, claiming eBay provided a certificate of authentication for the bag and called her “ungrateful”.

“I showed him the pictures and he was just even more mad and called me ungrateful. I even compared it to another Gucci bag that I have and showed him how the material is different. I also explained to him that if he paid a lot of money for the bag thinking it was real then he got scammed and should get a refund. He paused for a second and took the bag. He keeps calling me ungrateful,” the post concluded.

Many people ended up taking to the comments soon after posting to defend the mother for her dedication to making sure her husband did not get scammed.

“You were obviously more worried about your husband getting ripped off than you were about receiving an authentic bag. Hopefully your husband will calm down and see you are simply concerned, not ungrateful,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “If he got it from eBay and it was authenticated, he should have received papers stating that. Sounds like either he knew it was fake and is upset you caught him in a lie, or he didn’t know and is embarrassed about getting scammed. Either way, it was reasonable for you to question him about it once you realised it was fake. Because either he lied to you or he needs to get his money back.

“If he lied to you, why should you be grateful? If he got scammed, HE should be grateful that you noticed right away so he can try to get his money back.”