Wife Allows Kids to Disturb Husband During Meeting After He Said He Would Prove 'How Easy' Her Job at Home Is

A woman on Reddit writes that she slept in and awoke to find her husband "already frazzled" after he said he would work from home to prove how easy it is

<p>Getty</p> Father frazzled on computer with two young sons


Father frazzled on computer with two young sons

A wife is going viral after sharing an anonymous story about how she allowed her two kids to interrupt their dad's business meeting after he said her life was "easy."

The woman, who identifies herself only as a 31-year-old female, says that she and her 36-year-old husband have two sons, a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old.

"My husband works in an office and he has the option to work a few days a week from home, but he prefers not to because he says it's easier to focus in the office," she explains in a post shared to Reddit. "I run a small business from home."

While she says her daily work only involves around three hours per day of "emails and planning," the wife adds that much of her day revolves around taking care of their younger son.

"He's really high energy and will probably wreck something if you leave him alone for an hour," she writes.

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<p>Getty</p> Couple arguing stock image


Couple arguing stock image

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The older son comes home from school at 3, and the wife is then left alone with the kids until her husband returns from work, usually around 8 or 9, she writes.

"A few days ago, I was really tired and I didn't make dinner. When my husband came home I asked him if we could just order something," she writes in the post. "He was also tired and we were both short-tempered tempered so we ended up snapping at each other."

Ultimately, the wife writes, her husband "said I should have at least ordered before he got home," with her arguing that dinner should not "always be" her responsibility.

"He said that I'm home all day and I even admit I don't have much work to do, so I'm basically a [stay-at-home mom] and should at least take care of dinner," she adds. "I said he has no idea how much I do every day, and he said he'd handle the kids for an entire day while also working from home just to prove it should be easy for me."

After her husband arrangements to work from home, the wife writes that she slept in and awoke to find him "already frazzled from getting the older one ready for school."

"He ended up having to cancel a meeting to make breakfast, and was worried about that," she writes.

Later, when he took another meeting, the boys played in the yard and tracked mud throughout the house, "which he then had to mop, and I didn't help at all," she writes.

<p>Getty</p> woman cooking while working


woman cooking while working

"By this point I did feel sort of guilty because it was definitely harder for him to take care of work at the same time, but all I wanted was an apology. He said he was doing this to show that I do nothing all day, and if he just admitted he was wrong I would have helped out straight away," she adds.

Later, her husband took another meeting, and told the boys not to bother him for at least an hour. "But about 20 mins in, they got in an argument about something and our younger one went into my husband's room to complain. He was really loud and my husband's video was also on, then he told the kid to leave him alone but he was upset and crying and wasn't listening," the wife writes.

She continues: "After a few [minutes], my husband went back to the meeting and apologized to the other people." But once the meeting ended, the husband directed his anger at the wife, saying that she "watched him struggle without helping."

"I said all you had to say was, 'please help,' " she writes. "He said I shouldn't be so petty and prideful. This probably made him look a bit stupid in front of his manager, but it was only a few minutes and I don't think It was the huge deal he made it out to be."

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Thousands of commenters have weighed in on the post, overwhelmingly showing support for the wife.

"I would have left the house for the entire day and not picked up my phone. Then he’d really get a feel for being the [stay-at-home] parent," wrote one.

Another suggested the wife wasn't going far enough, writing: "You are doing two jobs compared to his one and he had the audacity to say you do nothing all day. Now if he hasn’t yet apologized, I’d say show him what it’s like if you really do nothing all day. Take care of your kids but don’t clean up after them (save for safety), leave it for him when he gets home ... He’ll learn to appreciate a cleaned house one way or another. He can cook too."

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